John Henry F. Bacon ARA (1865/8-1914)

J. H. F. Bacon.

J. H. F. Bacon was born in London, and made his career as a painter there. He produced a variety of work, including scenes of upper class young people relaxing, sentimental pictures of poor folk indoors, war-related scenes - though not typically battles, church scenes, and other religious work, and a mix of other genre. His portrait work included various fellow artists. Mostly, his subject pictures concentrate on a few figures, a grand exception being his Coronation of Edward VII in Westminster Abbey (1902) at the National Portrait Gallery. A good French-inspired The Wedding Morning is at Port Sunlight.

His paintings show a tendancy to sentimentality, and occasionally, as in his religious pictures, to an over-illustrative treatment that ill-fits his subject. He was elected ARA in 1903, a couple of years after exhibiting his most often-reproduced work, City of London Volunteers Return to London from South Africa, 1900, (Guildhall).

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