Benjamin Barker (the Younger) (1776-1838)

The painter Benjamin Barker was the younger brother of Thomas Barker (Barker of Bath), and the son of the painter Benjamin Barker the elder. He was largely self-taught, learning by copying the pictures of other artists, including those of his more famous brother. Once established, he made sketching tours to the more picturesque parts of England and Wales, occasionally accompanied by his brothers Thomas and Joseph. He exhibited in Bath, sometimes jointly with Thomas, and also sent works to the British Institution and the Royal Academy, where he exhibited from 1806-38. However, his reputation remained largely local. His daughter Marianne Barker (later Marianne Wallace) was also a painter, and exhibited at the RA.

Representative work by Benjamin Barker the Younger may be seen at the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, where other works by the Barker family may also be seen.

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