Richard Corbould (1757-1831)

The painter and illustrator Richard Corbould, first of a dynasty of painters and illustrators, was born in London. His illustrative work is typically vignette-style, and seems not just pre-Victorian but pre-19th Century in style. Henry Corbould was a friend of Flaxman, West and Chantrey, all neoclassicists, and drew from some of their works. He was especially interested in illustrating ancient marbles, and for 3 decades made drawings for a book by that name, which in the event was only published posthumously. He specialised in wash drawing with ink details, and was an important illustrator who contributed to many books of poetry and various of the illustrated magazines. From 1851-1872 he held the position of drawing master to the children of Queen Victoria.

Richard Corbould had five children, of whom George James Corbould (b. 1786) and Henry Corbould FSA (1787-1844) were artists. Henry Corbould's sons included Edward Henry Corbould RI (1815-1904) - a notable watercolourist receiving his artistic education first at Sassís and then at the RA Schools - and Alfred Hitchens Corbould (b. 1821) who exhibited at the Royal Academy. The dynasty continued into a fourth generation, with Walter Edward Corbould (b.1860) and Alfred Chantry Corbould (1852-1920), making a line of artists from the mid-18th through to the 20th Centuries.

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