John Sell Cotman (1782-1842)

The lanscape painter John Sell Cotman, along with John Crome, lead the Norwich School of painters. Cotman was born in Norwich, and during his life lived there, in Yarmouth, and in London, becoming drawing master in a London school (where Rossetti was a pupil). He also travelled on the Continent, most notably a series of three trips to Normandy, paid for by a rich patron. He exhibited at the Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours, and became ARSA in 1825, RSA in 1834. As well as a very large output of paintings - mainly watercolour, with few in oil - he also made many architectural engravings and some thousands of sketches for his pupils to copy from. His more successful followers include John Thirtle, E. T. Daniell, A. and J. Stannard, and his two sons Miles Edmund Cotman and John Joseph Cotman. Further family members became artists (not particularly memorable ones) during the 19th Century.

A large collection of Cotman's works may be seen at the Castle Museum in Norwich.

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