Miss Ethel Wright (Mrs Ethel Barclay) (working 1887-past 1900)

The painter Ethel Wright was born in London, and started her artistic training copying from pictures in the National Gallery. She then became a part time student in the studio of Seymour Lucas, before going on the advice of Solomon Solomon to study at Julian's in Paris. Back in London, she painted portraits, subject pictures, allegorical girls (Echo and so forth), and rather weak watercolour views. She exhibited a total of 39 works at the Royal Academy between 1888 and 1929, generally exhibiting under her maiden name, though she had married by 1898. She remained in London, but lived a rather peripatetic life, changing address many times.

Works by Ethel Wright are difficult to find on the walls of the galleries. Bonjour Pierrot is in the collection of the Oldham art gallery.

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