Helen Howard Hatton (Mrs Margetson) (1860-op.1904)

Helen Howard Hatton was born in Bristol, and studied at the Royal Academy Schools and in Paris. She drew illustrations for magazines in the 1880s, including for a poignant tale 'Adventures on the Equator' about the last, fatal trip of her younger brother, the scientist and explorer Frank Hatton, in Borneo. Her co-illustrator to that story was the artist W. H. Margetson, whom she was to marry. She exhibited several flower paintings and figure pieces at the Royal Academy from 1885, under her maiden name, and two more from 1895 under her married name. The artistic couple lived at Wallingford on Thames. Her later work included sentimental genre, and better, single figure subjects in pastel of slender girls on beaches, with titles such as Spirit of the Sea and The Moon and I.

Illustration by Helen Hatton.

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