Alice Havers (Mrs Frederick Morgan) (1850-1890)

Decorative page by Alice Havers.

The painter Alice Havers was born in Norfolk, and studied at the South Kensington Schools, the Royal Academy, and in Paris. She married another painter, Fred Morgan, in 1872, and exhibited at the Royal Academy from the following year through to 1889. She was a member of the Society of Lady Artists.

Alice Havers specialised in classical figure subjects and more sentimental genre subjects. She also worked as an illustrator in the 1880s, her work on Christmas cards being considered especially good at the time, though she did produce some pretty awful sentimental pictures of children.

Among Alice Havers' paintings are Blanchisseuses (1880) showing girls and an old woman washing clothes in a river, at the Walker Art Gallery, a sentimental Sheep in an Orchard in Bournemouth, The End of her Journey (1877) showing a dead migrant on the roadside, in the Rochdale Art Gallery and Mary Kept All these things and Pondered them in her Heart (1888) at Norwich.

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