John Frederick Herring Sr (1795-1865)

The animal and sporting painter J. F. Herring was born in London, and worked initially as a coach and sign painter and then as a coach driver. In 1833 he was able to study under Abraham Cooper RA, a sporting painter, and took up the genre himself, becoming a horse painter of great repute, and of great understanding of the physical form of the animals he painted. He specialised in racehorses, painting many of the winners of the period, and his portraits of these horses were much engraved. Later on he turned to farm scenes, and his son J. F. Herring Jr produced similar work. A second son and a brother, both called Benjamin Herring, also produced both rustic scenes and race pictures. Examples of J. F. Herring Sr's paintings are in the museums at Eastbourne and Salford, and a rather good, na´ve style picture of a race, The Finish of the Doncaster Gold, is in the Doncaster gallery.

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