Henry John Stock RI (1853-1930)

The painter H. J. Stock was born in Soho, London, and after suffering a period of blindness as a child, was able to study art at St Martins School of Art and then go on to win admission to the Royal Academy Schools. As a young artist he was helped by W. J. Linton, with whom he travelled to Italy. He worked as a stained glass artist in the 1870s, at the same time developing as a painter - portraits, and then biblical and literary themes - exhibiting his first work at the Academy in 1874. However he is best known for his symbolist-style works, clearly influenced by William Blake and above all by G. F. Watts, though there seems no evidence that he ever met that artist. He became RI in 1880.

In 1909 Stock left London for Felpham, Sussex, and he exhibited at the Royal Academy for the last time in the following year.

Picture by H. J. Stock, showing his rather sculptural treatment of the figure.

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