Angelica Kauffman RA (1741-1807)

Engraving after self portrait of Angelica Kauffman.

The Swiss-born painter of classical mythology and portraits Angelica Kauffman spent her youth in Italy, but was persuaded to come to London by Joshua Reynolds in 1766, where she quickly established a reputation high enough that she was chosen as a founder member of the Royal Academy in 1768. Her paintings tended to the picturesque, and were popularised as engravings by Bartolozzi. As well as her easel work, Kauffman made wall paintings for houses built by the Adam Brothers in the 1770s. She married badly in 1781, but her second marriage, to the Venetian painter Antonio Zucchi, was more successful and she went back to live in Italy. Several of her paintings, including a self portrait, are at Kenwood, and an archetypical Penelope is at Hove.

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