Arthur D. Lemon (1850-1912)

Arthur Lemon was a notable painter of pastoral scenes, above all featuring horses - riders, hunters, horses pulling ploughs, even centaurs. Also woodland scenes with pigs, and cows. He also produced many rural and landscape pictures of Tuscany.

He was born on the Isle of Man, but grew up in Rome. He later moved to California, where he spent some years as a cowboy, and it was this that lead him to develop his great knowledge of horses. Afterwards, he returned to Europe, studying under Carolus-Duran in Paris, and thereafter dividing his time between England and Italy. He exhibited at the RA and elsewhere from the late 1870s, and one of his pictures - A Gypsy Encampment - was bought under the terms of the Chantrey Bequest.

Illustration of a centaur, by A. D. Lemon.

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