George Heming Mason ARA (1812/18-1872)

George Heming (sometimes Hemming) Mason was born in Staffordshire, and studied at Birmingham from 1839-43. In 1844 he went to Italy, where he studied art, painted from nature around Rome with Giovanni Costa, and remained until 1855, befriending Leighton in 1853. In 1855 he returned to England, marrying in 1857 and settling in his home county of Staffordshire. His work at this time consisted of pictures of rural life, somewhat sentimental. After problems within the family, including the financial ruination of his father, he gave up painting for a time. When he resumed in 1867, now living in London, he painted idyllic pastoral landscapes at sunset, usually using a long, narrow canvas to give a panorama. In 1868 he was elected ARA.

Mason always was considered second to Frederick Walker in painting the English idyllic landscape. His work is not so common on the walls of the galleries, being consigned often to the reserve collections. Examples are in the collections of the Tate Gallery, Manchester and Port Sunlight.

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