John Phillip RA (1817-1867)

John Phillip was born in Aberdeen, and in 1837 became a student at the Royal Academy Schools. There, he was a member of the Clique, a group of semi-rebellious young artists also including William Powell Frith, Augustus Egg and Frank Dadd. He exhibited at the Academy from 1839. In 1851 and thereafter he travelled in Spain, and painted the pictures of Spanish life and history that were to make him famous, earning him the name 'Spanish Phillip'. He became ARA in 1857 and RA two years later - his diploma work was called Prayer. In 1863 he exhibited his House of Commons, with multiple portraits.

Phillips's works were much engraved, most notably by T. Oldham Barlow. Despite his huge popularity, today his works are not made much of.

Engraving after John Phillip, The Balcony.

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