Rebecca Solomon (1832-1886)

Rebecca Solomon was the sister of the Pre-Raphaelite painter Simeon Solomon, and of the genre painter Abraham Solomon.

Rebecca Solomon studied under her brother Abraham, then at the Spitalfields School of Design, and later worked in the studio of Millais (including making a copy of his work Christ in the House of his Parents apparently partly overpainted by Millais himself), and for Burne-Jones in the capacity of a model. From the 1850s through to the end of the 1870s she was a prolific exhibitor at the London galleries, including the Royal Academy from 1852-1869. She produced mainly portraits and history paintings, often with Christian themes, as opposed to her brother Simeon, who in the 1860s illustrated Jewish customs. One of Rebecca's pictures of this period, A Plea (1865), (in the Geffrye Museum) showing a sailor caught after poaching a rabbit, may have her brother as the model for the sailor. Rebecca's career apparently suffered from the ruination of Simeon's reputation, and she died obscurely (from drink?) in 1886.

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