William Barnes Wollen RI (1857-1936)

The painter and illustrator W. B. Wollen was born to English parents in Leipzig. He studied art at the Slade School, under Poynter and Legros. He exhibited his first painting at the Royal Academy in 1879, a picture called Football, which received favourable notice in the literature. He was described at that time as a 'figure painter', but became best known for his military pictures, which span the 1880s through to the Boer War, and World War I. He was elected RI in 1888.

As an illustrator, Wollen worked for the Illustrated London News, for the Strand Magazine, where he illustrated stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, and for other magazines from 1882 through to the 1900s. His subjects tend to be military, and are mixed in quality, at their worst rather wooden, at best quite lively.

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