James Forsyth (1826-1910)

The sculptor James Forsyth was a London man, and exhibited at the Royal Academy from the mid-1860s through to the 1880s. He specialised in religious works, in a classical vein, and also produced some genre work.

In London, his work includes in St Pauls Cathedral memorials to the 57th West Middlesex Regiment (1877) and to the Royal Fusiliers Afghan campaign, the reredos for St John at Hackney, a small portrait bust to Thomas White in St Dunstan's in the West, and another one to the Revd William Charles in St Botolph Aldersgate. Outside London, we may note works by Forsyth in several cathedrals - monuments to Bishop Parry and James George Beaney in Canterbury, to the Earl of Dudley and Lord Lyttleton in Worcester, and to Bishop Magee in Peterborough, the reredos for Chichester, and the pulpit for Norwich. As well, he is responsible for the rather extravagant marketplace fountain in Dudley, and a very ornate and elaborate Victoria Fountain in Bombay.

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