Richard Reginald Goulden (1877-1932)

Central portion of Margaret Macdonald monument, by Goulden.

The sculptor Richard Goulden has one conspicuous works in London the Margaret Macdonald memorial in Lincolns Inn Fields, in the central square on the Soane Museum side, a bronze group showing the subject flanked by numerous infants.

Goulden was born and lived in London, studying at the RCA, and his work seems to consist mostly of portrait sculpture, and a few memorials. His work, such as I have seen of it, spans from an Edwardian style through to a more emblematic deco style towards the end of his career.

In London, as well as the Macdonald Memorial, Goulden also made the small WW1 memorial outside St Michael Cornhill, near to Bank, depicting a male angel with sword, very vertical, with below, rescued cherubs and an evil big cat. St John at Hackney also has a war memorial by him, and his also is the statue of G. F. Watts on the front of the V&A.

Outside London, we may mention a statue of Carnegie, in Pitencrieff Park, Dunfermline, the Gateshead War Memorial on Prince Consort Road, and a cherubic fountain in Malvern.

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