J. Wenlock Rollins (1862-1942)

The P&O entrance, by Trafalgar Square.

J. Wenlock Rollins is a rather obscure sculptor, notable for a very few excellent architectural sculptures done close to the turn of the 19th century, in an Arts and Crafts style.

He studied at the Birmingham School, and then like so many, under W. S. Frith at the South London Technical School., before attending the Royal Academy Schools from 1886.

His key work is the bronze doorway of the former P&O Building, Cockspur St by Trafalgar Square, with its caryatids and low relief bronzework. Also in London, he signs two of the figures on the front of the V&A, and in Croydon, has the statue of Whitgift on the Town Hall and Library complex, and the pediment of two boys called Poetry and Prose. His also is the fountain in front of the Horniman Museum. In Birmingham, there is an excellent column by him at the General Hospital, with beautifully draped girls acting as caryatids. There also is the entrance sculpture to the Piccadilly Arcade, which I have as by Wenlock Rollins, but cannot confirm the attribution it is in any case another caryatid composition, and the style is certainly plausible for him. He made a large, seated Queen Victoria for Belfast Royal Victoria Hospital, which I have not seen, and the Boer War Memorial for Eton College Chapel.

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