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I was born in Bushey, England, at a very early age.  After several incarnations, first as a secretary in the chemical and electronic industries, and then as a P.A. in the film industry, I re-qualified as a Play Leader.  After supervising a pre-school for over 15 years I went back to secretarial work.


Many years on and I am now a freelance journalist,researcher, and photographer living and working in the United Kingdom.


My degree is in Art History and I review the contents of the UK’s art galleries and museums as well as the exciting exhibitions that they host.   I also review the many fabulous publications that catalogue those shows revealing the research and conservation work carried out in preparing for those displays.


I am a keen traveller and often write about the interesting places I’ve seen.  I also write history and biographical articles. Although my main interests are art and travel I also develop gluten-free recipes. Many of these can be read at Decoded Arts, Decoded Past, Infobarrel, Suite101 and Wizzley.


I have also written for a number of print magazines including Best of British, The Lady, Letter Arts Review, Esra Magazine and Altitude,  the magazine of Nationwide Airlines, South  Africa. 


My book, Ride the Rocket, Toronto Enabled, explores the joy of discovering unknown family living in the wonderful city of Toronto.  I describe the time I spent with them as well as time spent exploring the city.  For a person with a spinal injury, travel can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, I had very few problems as I wandered through Toronto’s many art galleries and museums.


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