Adventure Baby

Adventure Baby's on his way
The car seat's comfy but he wants to play
& pretty soon he'll get his chance
when happenstance has its way
The Dad; the Brother explore some caves
The mum falls asleep in Dinosaur Place
a short walk away...

Adventure Baby unclips himself
Power Dummy in hand, fly's up to higher land
& there a small hole he slips inside
Power Dummy in the dim cave providing his light
Dad & Brother in the caves.... curious to come accross a dummy...
that looks like one of Adventure Baby's.

The dummy is left as they cannot be sure
Whether the dummy is Adventure baby's; whether the teat would be clean and pure.
Onwards & upwards & out of the caves... though as they pass the smelly cheese along the way... a curious bite in one of the rounds
another clue to suggest Adventure baby's been around.

Still they exit the cave, meet up with the Mum
Adventure Baby's warm & snug
tucked up warmly in his pushchair laying a bit of a slump.
No clue to suggest he'd been undone
No baby wake
A rousing Mum
A mystery to be left unsolved
as the family head off
love cajoled