About Me.......

I'm 35, married, with one child.

I'm a writer, not overly successful, but still one day soon perhaps.

My writing career is just beginning and I am currently trying to find my niche.

I  like the idea of scriptwriting, my first one being "I met the Prodigy" which is a radio play, it got nowhere!

My second attempt, "The writer" a screenplay for the Kaos BSSC screenplay competition got through the first round!

My third attempt, "Big Red Lipstick Lips" got through the second round of the Kaos BSSC screenplay competition :)

So I guess I'm getting better!

Perhaps I'll do just as well with my Timelord game...

I work part time for a well known large department store.

I enjoy films, my favourite genre being "Heavy going psychological sci-fi thrillers"

I enjoy taking on pseudonyms such as;

djamaladineabdujaporov (cyclist from Khazakstan, I believe I spell the name a little incorrectly, but I'm happy as this is now my name)

VassiliZaitsev (sniper hero from World War 2)

Dr.Mangga (Filipino, is the same as Dr.Mango)

Shaktiman (sometimes considered that it should be spelt sahktiman, and the second variant is indeed my name on icompositions!)

& my latest incarnation;

imaginer (because imagine is what I do(sometimes known as daydreaming))