Colin McRae Rally PSOne

I like this game, hence the effort to review.
I bought Colin McRae rally... I'd hoped that it may feature a Citroen Xsara..... no such luck. I think that as Colin McRae Rally is set in the 1998 WRC rally season, I think that Citroen Xsara was used later..... My own Xsara being made in 1999!

I've been steadily working through Colin McRae Rally steadily.... some of the rallies being easier than others... It has taken me about two weeks to get through..... You have to get 6th place or higher to qualify & to go through to the next rally. It is nice to have something to work towards! I enjoy the idea of rally & I enjoy driving the courses, I enjoy thinking, "I could cut two second off, by taking that corner differently".

Colin McRae rally is pretty hard work, but then almost anything worthwhile in life demands hard work, Colin McRae Rally provides achievable goals.
With Colin McRae rally you are able to make technical alterations to your car; front/rear brake ratio, gear ratio settings, tyre types...... I like using the spikes on roads, what a squeal they make! (Spikes are only really useful in snowy conditions).

I have so far driven;

New Zealand
Monte Carlo

I've yet to complete;

United Kingdom

I am on the intermediate level now, until I complete all stages in 6th place or better. When completed I will then be on the expert level & will get a wider choice of cars.

I have been driving the Mitsubishi Lancer, & upon achieving expert status I plan to try the Renault Maxi Megane... I am keen to drive front wheel drive cars as I believe they are superior..... in rally conditions if nowhere else.