The Citroen Xsara was my first car. I got it on Dec 12th 2005; two weeks after I'd passed my test. It had 100000 miles on the clock. I had it for two weeks & the clutch went! Funny thing is... I first drove the car and the clutch was really stiff, but oddly other people who drove the car said it was a really nice car, but I was worried about the clutch. The clutch was fixed... and expensively so. Next year, the same thing happened at about the same time. We had it fixed by a better mechanic... after that the clutch was much easier to use... less stiff. It is now 12th April 2009, so the car has lasted for 4 years and just turned 149000 miles on the clock. The car has now died... the head gasket went. I'd only had the car serviced 5 or 6 months ago!

 The Citroen Xsara was a nice car. It was comfortable... for me if no one else. The seats were nice comfy seats. The dash all worked and wasn't too cluttered. The steering wheel was good, just the right size & not too thick or thin.

 When the car was fairly new to me I discovered that the steering wheel could be adjusted! I thought, "I like the sound of that!" I wish I hadn't. I adjusted the steering wheel, but soon after found I had a problem with the indicator/steering column. Let this be a lesson to me, never fiddle!

 Best thing about the Xsara was the size.... & it may become my TARDIS, as it seems bigger on the inside. I never failed to get everything in, be it shopping & pushchair, or three suitcases, the Xsara allways coped admirably, in the passenger seats as well as the boot.

 The Xsara was economical, giving a high mpg, though in hind sight this must be measured against reliability & the Xsara cost me quite a bit in repair costs... now the Citroen spare parts are not too expensive, the problems are; A) finding a garage happy & competent to work on a Citroen, & B) the cost of labour... it

Seems the Citroen can be a difficult car to work on.

 I really miss my Citroen Xsara, would have kept it had I had the chance, would have fixed it given the chance, would've put a rally kit on it given the chance!

 citroen xsara won the world rally championship, piloted by Sebastian Loeb. I don't know how they made the Xsara go that fast! The domestic model does 0 to 60 in about 13 seconds! Still I allways felt it had good cornering &a better top speed than some. The fastest I took the Xsara being 127MPH! (not on the road

obviously). It reached 127MPH, going slightly downhill!

 So long Xsara; you were a lovely family car :)