Fallout 3


Heavy going SciFi? Perhaps, certainly it has its moments


The good;




Plays an important part to this game, which is unfortunate for me as most of the time I was playing whilst my family were sleeping L

But the sound was used to some good effect to create mood &/or to warn of danger.

I think the sound could be used to even better effect, but I’d give the game makers B for effort!


The bad:


I find this very difficult to type, I have my head in my hands in despair when I type this bit & here’s the thing, here is the bigger thing;


We are sentient beings, imagining worlds far removed from our own, creating colourful characters intriguing moral dilemmas, we’re capable of questioning the world around us on differing levels & what do game makers do with their games?


They decide it’s very important to be able to “Blast’em”, blast this, blast that, blast the other. If I have to blast one more imaginary computer sprite I think I’ll explode. It really is depressing.


In Fallout 3 there’s a way to let the computer do some of the hard work of locating and blasting the enemy, by using V.A.T.S. personally, this just added to the boredom. Why have shooting at all?


Now we're going to go off the deep end;

Wild animals! They keep attacking... why??? Radiation blast or not, animals have a strong survival instinct, and if wild animals see one of their kind shot, they tend to back off... but not in Fallout 3, an injured animal that has just watched others of it's kind killed will quite happily amble up to you for you to finish it off... perhaps the animals are supposed to be suicidal? It gets worse... Mole Rats! Mole Rats, out in the daylight, ambling around and see a human they frenzy an attack regardless of self preservation... check it out, I've blasted virtually all the mole rats, so where are the baby mole rats????? none existent in exactly the same way that these mutant banalities cannot exist, mutant creatures is one thing, creatures with a death wish is entirely another.


Mole rats & Scorpions tend to stay in darker, cooler areas (In real life), & yet in Fallout 3 they happily amble about in the baking sun trying to attack you. I find this absolutely moronic.


There’s respiration to consider, these animals would become dehydrated & it’s all just a complete nonsense, no rhyme nor reason to it.


Let’s move on;


The game is a game. Why is that bad? Sometimes it isn’t, but often… “You cannot proceed in that direction”.


Often I’d see a rock wall/brick wall etc, want to climb onto it… hey why not place a piece of wood & build myself a platform to be able to climb, but no, that would have been too much hard work for the programmers, raiders, mutants, anybody with a brain cell it seems can construct basic platform, everyone except me!!!!!


So many areas are “Fenced off” (often by imaginary rock fall, or rubble) & you really get the sense that you are being herded, that this is a game, that you have little real freedom of choice, you are going that way whether you like it or not.


The baddies:


The baddies are all too often just there to act as cannon fodder. All too often they’re just something to mindlessly blast at. A few enemies have slightly advanced patterns of behaviour, but not very much to raise an interest. This is a real shame when we think about the weapons & the weapons are well developed in this game, but the enemies artificial intelligence is just lacking… please note that I played the game in easy mode, but I can’t imagine the artificial intelligence improving much in the harder mode, one would imagine that instead of 2 mutants you have to blast 4 of them, that instead of attracting attention by clumping around, that a slight whisper may attract attention.


But it’s just really irrelevant, because how does it all aid game play, how does it fit into the story? For me it doesn’t. for me Fallout 3 is a lovely little (Yes little, how many times “You cannot proceed in that direction, how many pretend barriers”) point & click adventure game, brought into the modern day computer game world & in order to commercially sell the game they have to appeal to the moron kids who can only imagine a computer game must have to be all about “Blaaaaaaaasting’em”


I really struggle with quite a few aspects of this game.


Underneath, the game is there. Stop crazed scientists, provide support for organisations that would restore order, prevent cruelty to those who cannot defend themselves.


All of the bad things just really bury the basic content of this game… Capitol wasteland? You’re not kidding, the whole bloody game is buried under a pile of useless “Rules to what a commercial computer game must be” rubble.


Finally, I thought the game makers were just lazy. So many buildings, so little to explore. How cheap to put 20 buildings that you cannot explore & then to just put 1 that you can.


I wanted to explore, I wanted to explore, but continually I could not proceed in that direction, continually all there was of interest was to have to “Blaaaaast’em”, continually I was blocked and herded.


I would have sacrificed size for freedom of movement, all it did was to make me spend long amounts of time plodding through a wasteland blasting tiresome’s and tediousness.


How could the game be improved?


I would have liked to have been able to climb a bit more.

A mini game where we have to ride over the broken motorway on a motorbike, jumping over the broken bits of motorway!

Some humour please! Humans (& by humans, we mean all the humanoid characters), humans laugh and joke, 1 or 2 people had a joke or 2 but in general the characters in Fallout 3 are a pretty morose bunch….. if only we could give the characters a slap in the face with a wet fish if we find them boring!!!!!

I didn’t get to dance with any ladies!!!!!

I didn’t get to dress in ladies clothing!!!!! Haha

WTF I couldn’t even dress the corpses, or herd people into a room and force them to swap clothing!





What would I have done?


I flick the switch to the water purifier, and head to a secured location & start the disco music.

I would get to devise and make traps.

I get to choose some music & then to give this playlist to 3dog & he plays it.

I get to see a comedy show & to see a drag artist show, and to see a singer show.

I get to put posters up & be involved in bringing a bit of light entertainment to the wasteland.

I get to farm the fungus…. Say it to your friends, I’m gonna farm the fungus!

FUNGUS FARM productions proudly present, a dog with 3 heads! Ghoulish Greta the soul singer, “Super mutants show of strength!” (They lift barrels of beer, give people piggy back rides etc.) The man with a horses head… yes he upset the mutant mafia boss & woke up with a horses head.