The five doctors

I have just watched the five doctors & enjoyed it.

There are some secrets, things which are significant.

At the very end, the president of the Timelords is given immortality, which turns out a curse rather than a blessing, as he is entrapped. The deputy president then says to the Doctor, It is my pleasure to yet again give you the title of President!

This implies that the doctor in his first incarnation was given the chance to be President, ruler of his people. The doctor refused the role, choosing instead to steal a Tardis and explore time and space.

So the doctor is the appointed President, & in other words was given the role of Master of his people, but the doctor is a renegade, choosing to shirk that particular role & the doctor is the renegade master???

The word Transmat was used, later to be used in the Bad wolf episodes featuring Christopher Eccleston.

We get to see 5 Doctors, Hartnell, Troughton, Pertweee, Tom Baker & Davidson.

Tom Baker is with Romana(Lalla Ward), punting in Cambridge, when the time scoop attempts to displace him, half succeeding in it's goal, leaving the Tom Baker trapped in the time vortex, rather than placing him in "The Death zone", trapping him in the time vortex!, so for the most part has nothing especially to do with the show itself!

We next see Tom Baker get up off the floor in a dead end street and Romana beckon him into, the Tardis at the end, ...with his Scarf sticking out of the Tardis! The Tardis de-materialises.

We get to see companions, The Doctors granddaughter Susan, travels with Hartnell. When seen by Davidson, Susan introduces herself & Davidson says "Yes I know who you are", He says it with a little fondness, but not with much warmth, no hugs, this does not appear as one may imagine a family reunion.

Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart  travels with Troughton & is very tokenistic, just there to add a little pompous commentary...... so nothing new there?

Sarah Jane Smith hooked up with Pertwee & I found it somewhat unfortunate her character be reduced to wingemeister. We see K9 at the begining with SarahJane Smith, K9 warns Sarah Jane Smith of danger, but Sarah Jane Smith go's off anyway.

Vislor Turlough & Tegan Jovanka accompany Davidson. Again they don't "do" very much. Tegan wears very striking red high heels! even when walking over rough hilly ground!

Jamie McCrimmon appears along with a lady (a former assistant) dressed in some bubblewrap! They appear to Troughton, but they are just illusions.

& so Sergeant Benton & another lady whom I failed to recognise appear to Pertwee, again they are just illusions.

We get to see a Dalek, Cybermen & Raston Warrior Robot. These are all fairly tokenistik, the Dalek is hysterical and shoots itself in an act of utter stupidity. The Cybermen are slow and ponderous & oh so gulliable, I enjoyed watching the Ccybermen get defeated, hillarious! & the Raston Warrior Robot, which is a man in a lycra costume shooting white plastic sticks, but it dispatches the Cybermen quite handily for the Doctor :)

The Master is in, though only in one incarnation, though we see a dead, burned scarred body which the Master recognises as one of his former incarnations. the Master is played for a fool, by the president of the Timelords.

we see Rasilon who resides over the death zone and gives immortality to those who seek it!

Peter Moffat directed this episode.... any relation to Steven Moffat?

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