Little Big Planet (LBP) Vs Little Big Planet 2 (LBP2)

Surely the same game? No. Indeed there is a "different feel" to the two versions.

LBP is "cute" from the word go. Whilst loading pressing "x" causes a little shadow sackboy to leap whilst in a simulated run. This is very pleasing compared to the usual "Loading..." screens we're used to.

LBP2 Has a loading screen, which is really of little interest to the gamer.

LBP is a fantastic concept. They managed to stretch that concept to a full game, but it's true to say that it somewhat lacked a coherent interesting story.

LBP2 has a storyline and this is an improvement over LBP.


LBP2 requires more time & more skill, more effort & as such often would lose me, lose my interest... as an initial game experience. i.e.:- if LBP2 had been released without prior knowledge of LBP I find it hard to imagine the game having the same impact, the same success.

However, I do love LBP & so wanted to give LBP2 the benefit of the doubt & it is worth it. There are lots more things in LBP2, creationator, grabinator, being able to completely reassign the controller and mould the controller into an in game object of your design.

& here we can hear; that LBP2 is perhaps something more of a developer’s suite rather than a game within its own right. Yes there's more of a storyline, but following that storyline was hardly what would drive me, I completed the tutorials first, I went on the search for more materials, for how the global water tool could be used to better effect, the story is secondary, the creation possibilities are impressive & whereas in LBP all I had to do was to play a predefined level with my son in LBP2 the fun comes from creating a level for my son, putting in things that please him, & expanding from that thought the idea of making levels & trying to think how can I make this level more playable, what eye candy can I include, what different camera angles/techniques can I use, more audio options including the option to create our own audio and to include our own voice!

LBP is a fantastically cute game, that can give pleasure to different skill levels & it has some development tools.

LBP2 is a fantastic suite of development tools, but as a game it can be somewhat taxing & may lose the interest of those who don't have 6 hours a day to sit & morbidly hone their gaming skills.

Out of about 6 worlds/levels I like about 3 of them in LBP2 & when they are good they are very very good.

In LBP there are different worlds, but not really anything to greatly hold my interest.

LBP2 makes pretty much a whole section in a copy/hamage/pastiche to Turrican...

For any Turrican fan this is embarrassing, as Turrican was very well drawn and whilst we love LBP, it doesn't really pride itself on it's technical precision drawing... ie- Turrican was Technical & intricately drwan, whereas LBP is more blocky & cartoony. Nothing wrong with blocky & cartoony, in the right place, but not as a Turrican pastiche, anybody who thinks that LBP2 in any way does justice to Turrican missed something very important about Turrican.

LBP2 seems to have more glitches, more QA issues, and feels a bit cheap because in parts they've re-used characters/bits from LBP... which don't really seem to fit in where they're put.

LBP 8/10
LBP2 8/10