At home on my sofa, we are currently searching for new intruiging games, even more ambitious than LBP was when it was conceived 6 years ago.

Todeliver to us your next AAA title we are seeking a super-talented, experienced gameplay programmer. You’ll be charged with impressing a 4 year old, a 13 year old (Both boys), a 40 year old father who has recently come out to himself as transexual, and a 36 year old Indian lady (The wife). As a game company you'll be expected to provide recognisable aspects of these peoples everyday lives, but at the same time allow them to explore in fantasy.


It goes without saying that you’ll be proficient in humour, and able to communicate that humour in other languages that you stumble across, because after all, that’s the easy part…

How to apply

If you think you have what it takes then fill in this contact form, or send an email to us,

What you get

On top of all the things we already mentioned, you’ll also get to be part of a families ongoing pysche for the next 100 years (Perhaps more) and an occasional hug.

Tips for getting hired!

These are the kinds of thing we look for in each person we hire:

  1. Damn good at what you do!
  2. Want ownership and responsibility
  3. Really love making & playing console games
  4. Bursting with passion, enthusiasm and drive
  5. An active rather than passive team player
  6. Work well in a collaborative creative team
  7. Are fun & spirited

There’s no better way to show yourself off to us than through your past work. If you can, send a link to some of your work - published or not - along with your CV and contact details, then we’ll give it a gander!