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15th June 2009

Elections in Iran

The elections in Iran have been marred by allegations of unfairness. There is widespread protest at the result. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has claimed victory and at the moment it seems that despite the wide... and bloody protests, he is going to hold on to power.

I think we should look at this Iranian event in a wider context... countries where before, election results were printed deep within the broadsheet newspapers are now gaining importance... as there is not equal power in the world, perhaps since the fall of Russia... and China, though now an emerging superpower, steadfastly seems to refuse to get involved.. unless it affects them personally (Cheap bootleg imports/exports row a short while ago). We now have North Korea, Iran, Zimbabwe & Pakistan/Afghanistan as hotspots for corruption which threatens world peace through terrorism and the sheer feeling of injustice that some of the world is wealthy, whilst some parts are not.

Film News

Star Trek opened to good reviews... I havn't heard one bad review! I'm still not keen as I know the style that's being produced... as though they're trying to give thier programs creedence by saying "THIS IS REALLY SERIOUS", but if they look at the bigger stage I'm not sure that everyone really gets it.

Pinewood studios look set to expand! What great news :) Britian is really quite popular at the moment one might surmise. Pinewood plan to build sets featuring well known places, so that when they film James Bond etc... they won't have to fly all the way to location. 15 new sets are planned & I for one wait with baited breath... if for no other reason than I enter a screenplay competition; "BSSC" and the winning entry would likley be filmed at Pinewood studios!


Andy Murray wins Queens.

Can Murray go on to win Wimbledon? Federer, now more successful than Samprass... in terms of Grand Slams if nothing else... and of course Nadal, will Nadal be playing or is he injured... This trio of players is really exciting to watch, very difficult to pick a winner... perhaps Roddick will make this threesome a foursome?

Our World Today
30th Dec 2007

The death of Benazir Bhutto

A deeply saddening event. I don't know if words can convey how horrible this feels, how scary this feels. Benazir Bhutto lead her country for nine years until she was forcibly removed from power. Benazir Bhutto was a constant campaigner for democracy. Benazir Bhutto was a woman with power in an Islamic state.

My thoughts are with Benazir Bhutto's family, friends and indeed her country as it must try to come to terms with this atrocity.

Entertainment news;

No entertainment news this week due to the news above.


Are you British!?

Zainab Badawi has been talking about Arab identity and had this to say;

'The Arabs are the invisible visible minority'

Zainab Badawi is English alright, only the English can make this kind of sentence, that all at once begins to make sense, but then rambles off in opposition to itself.

Unless of course you know different.

We are not looking for nonsense sentences, but rather for sentences that could very easily be construed as nonsense. We are looking for sentences that at thier beginning capture your interest, but just after half way you're wishing the world could open up and swallow you.

I would be interested in knowing who the invisible Arabs are, but just as I imagine them invisible, Badawi makes them visible!

Thanks Zainab & here's a paragraph for Mrs.Badawi;

I always think of Captain Caveman
you know when the lady thinks she knows something and cries the word "Zowee"
& when the world makes a little more sense I like to cry out Zowee Badawi!
Then I cry out "CAP-TAIN CAVE-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNnnn" and run around, trying to save the world with a club that serves as a flying device and also as a "utility club"



Interview with Rob Rumfoord

1. How many films have you made?

57*.  I use the asterisk to denote that at least one
of them was a big-budget remake of one we did at
another studio  when we couldn't access our assets at
Eniole Films.  It also includes the other movies we
did when we found ourselves temporarily relocated and
had to set up other studios to "feed the beast" as it
were, and the rereleases I've done for movies that
came out but were unable to find distribution in the
U.S.  Filmmaking for me  is a purgative process - I
write and produce all of our movies and when something
I encounter externally finds its way inside me, I
often put that influence toward my next film.  My
focus in life (even before Eniole Films) seems to be
self-purification - when external stimuli renders me
less than my current ideal, I try to put it into words
and creative endeavors as opposed to reflecting it
through my interactions with people...  unless they
have it coming (grins).

> 2. How would you answer criticism that your company
> spends too freely?

It's funny you should ask that - for a while when I
started out, my focus was only on making movies that
could be made while still showing a profit.  Looking
back, "Kill Bill, Vol. 3" was our first big-budget
film...  and we were hoping to see a profit from it
when it came out.  I also thought other things that
had shown to be profitable would continue to be so.
The rules of this filmmaking game seem to be somewhat
arbitrary as far as what shows profit and what
doesn't.  You could be completely in the black one day
and the next day, the trade mags are ripping you a new
one for something you didn't even know about!  When
our revenue-to-cost ratio first went negative, my
first thought when facing significant financial losses
(as apparently has been that of fellow Cancerians
George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld) was "is there
money to be spent?" followed by  "F*** it, let's spend
more anyway!"  So, I guess I'd say, as long as the
money's there, I'll keep going regardless of the
burgeoning debt.

> 3. Do all your films contain lurid sex scenes?

(Laughing) not all - apparently, just the ones you've
seen.  I actually looked through them recently and saw
that the use of sex scenes only came up after I got my
big start (and subsequently ran out of self-sustaining
ideas - that is, ideas that didn't need *ahem* goosing
with extra sex).

> 4. How many more films do you think you can make?

As long as there's money to spend, I can make movies!
Like I said, it's a purgative process - the ideas will
always be there regardless of how much money I have at
the time.  Purging these things doesn't really regard
the amount of money you wish you had at the time.

> 5. The fire-sale range of films received heavy
criticism; do you believe this to be justified?  If
you went back and did it all over again would there be
films you'd shy away from releasing?

I thought people liked them!  Er...  not really.
Honestly, I just wanted my funds to read like a
countdown due to some feelings I was working through
at the time.  I was just kind of f***ing around as
well (sidenote to shak et. al: when I was responding
to this question, as I was writing the words "f***ing
around", a character on "Metalocalypse" said it almost
at the same time as I wrote it - seriously!)  If I
went back and did it all again?  No idea since I can't
currently time travel.  More often lately, I only
consider options that actually exist to me.  Responses
to hypothetical situations, I believe, are often
different when those situations are reality.  However,
if I did go back, having altered history in this
particular regard, you'd never know I had!

> 6. You have some amazing films... and some
not-so-successful >films, but do you ever have trouble
getting the actors/actresses you'd >like?

Absolutely!  There's a whole range I'd love to work
with!  Jessica Alba, Katherine Heigl, Steve Carrell,
Jason Lee, Jaime Pressly, anyone (everyone) from
"Heroes", that guy who played John on "John From
Cincinnati", Adam West, Christian Bale, Femi Taylor
(Oola from Return of the Jedi), Max Von Sydow, Phillip
Seymour Hoffman (believe that one, Juno?), Samuel L.
Jackson, Dana Delany and so many more!

> 7. Do you have a favourite film of
> A: your own (list favourite genres if more than one)

Hmm...  I guess as far as my own work, I'd have to say
that whatever film I'm working on at the time is my
favorite.  I had a lot of fun doing the "Democracy"
series and, actually, the "Fire Sale" series was
creatively liberating in terms of "how can I create a
string that's unexpected yet cheap while covering as
much ground as I want (i.e. a whole lot!) in the
process?"  Going back to the "lurid sex" question, if
it gets me excited, it's a favorite.
> B: someone else's (list favourite genre's if more
than one)

As far as OPW (Other Peoples Work) goes, I'm always
happy to see others get in touch with their creative
impulses.  That being said, I  L.O.V.E. your "Big
Butts" series!  The freedom you give yourself to do
movies like that is something I aspire to!  Seriously!

> 8. Do you have a favourite genre? (List favourite
genres if more than
> one)

Not really.  I go more for the individual films...
but I guess if there were one genre I seem to watch
regardless of reviews, it'd be comic book adaptations.

> 9. Who are your favourite film makers?

Ooh, wow.  The Wachowskis, The Coen Brothers, Robert
Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, M. Night Shyamalan, John
Sayles, David Cronenberg seems to be dealing more in
the oddities  of the "real world", David Lynch,
Christopher Nolan, Bryan Singer - not really too well
versed in the greats from previous generations, but I
guess that's just due to me trying to live more in the
present instead of lamenting it from the standpoint of
what the previous generations of filmmakers seemed to
promise in terms of influence.  Did that make sense?
I was trying to convey an idea of how we might very
well be influenced by what we grew up watching or
otherwise, but that when we go out to make our own
films, they might bear some palpable influence, but
could very well go off in a different direction due to
any number of exterior circumstances.  Remember and
learn from your history so you don't have to repeat
it.  I mean, how boring would it be if everyone was
always trying to make another "Seventh Seal" or
"Vertigo"?  I say let's move this forward and there's
a lot of people out there doing just that!  Sh!t!
David Fincher, too!  As I write this, HBO's running
"Fight Club" back to back with "A History of

> 10. How long do you think you can continue your
prolific output?

No idea.  I guess as long as I have the time to do it
and a computer to do it from, there's no end to it.
The time may not always be there, but in one form or
another, I will have to create.  (Laughs)
Prolific...<u>everything</u> is relative, I guess.

> 11. Any sneak previews of upcoming films?

Oh wow!  Maybe "Snakes on a Beach" or "It Takes One To
No One"...  it depends.  I honestly have no idea
what's coming next.  If I try to commit myself to one
project or another in this medium/arena, I'm that much
less likely to finish it.

> Interview conducted by imaginer a.k.a shak

Imaginer would like to say; I don't really think that all of Rob Rumfoords films have sex scenes, but I wanted to ask questions that I imagined others may ask, others who had maybe only seen one or two Eniole films, didn't mean anything derogatory by it.

7th December 2007