Playstation Home Personal apartment reviews

Playstation “Home Apartment”


You get this apartment free when you sign up to PlaystationHome.


The Apartment is one room, but with a veranda featuring views over a harbour.


The Harbour is detailed, cars to & frow, birds fly in the sky, a yatch sails back and forth across the scene.


The veranda is an L shape following around the apartment. There’s room for chairs, though I’m reluctant to set up my chess table as the space is not very wide.


The apartment itself is clear & airy, a studio apartment. There is a glassed roof section with wooden slats which simulates daylight coming into the room making it feel very pleasant indeed. The floor is wooden & as such looks clear & clean.


You access/leave Home apartment either remotely by selecting it from the PlaystationHome navigation bar, or by using the doors to leave the apartment to HomeSquare or by entering the “Apartment building” from Home square.



PlaystationHome Treehouse personal apartment


The Treehouse personal apartment is a two level “Treehouse”, that is to say the apartment is built around the trunk of a tree, at height on a mountain.


The apartment feels like it has 3 floors, as the rooms are not neat square boxes, but more, spaces around the central trunk.


There is a doorway (No door) to a walkway which appears to travel through the mountainside (Could be nice if we could walk along it). This “doorway” used to exit to Home square.


There are two large open window areas (Not glassed) giving views of the mountainside, very picturesque. Waterfalls, done adequately. There are birds flying in the sky & there are tree seeds nicely drawn, a seed, stem & then fluffy bit. The seeds float around across the landscape.


There is an opening at the top of the apartment, around the middle of the trunk, letting light in, the apartment isn’t overly dark, but well imagined as such an apartment might be, patches of light, but overall a somewhat dusky feel.


Background sound is of rushing wind.


Really nice home space.

Le’Chuck’s Pirate ship


Set aboard A pirate Ghost ship, a worthwhile personal space.


You get to be at the poop deck high up, as a skeleton crewmember (Non interactive) steers the ship. The ship is imagined to be sailing through underground rivers of lava!!! The sky is red & skeleton birds fly about. Down from the poop deck, another small deck. Down again another deck with a room this time, enter the room, look out the windows & look through a telescope. Down onto the main deck (Where you’ll arrive), there is a pirate crewmember sitting atop of grating. There is a room to one side, which leads to stairs going down into the hold where skeleton chickens walk about. To the other side is a locked room, access is gained through a key game (Not over exciting, but don’t wanna spoiler it for you), this room being considered as Captains quarters I guess J Not very large, but nice & private, I have a pirate bed, ornate sofa a studio light & a camera in there, not the most practical place for the camera, but I guess I like my privacy. One final set of stairs leads to one final deck at the rear of the ship. The key game unlocks a music game, 1 tune, which I listen to quite happily for a while.

Background noise is creaking and moaning, & chickens squawk J