Raspberry Pi

Wednesday 23rd August.

I bought the Raspberry Pi & the sd card with Debian Linux.

It didn't work. It seems I need the "Correct" power supply. That's a little frustrating, cos it'd be nice to be able to cart it around with just a usb cable, but hey ho.

Thursday 24th August

Got the Power supply.

Pluggede it in, nothing new, then booted with the debian linux sd card inserted & hey presto all is cool.

Now, for reasons only I could possibly understand, I am connecting my raspi to a video/dvd combi player, which in turn is feeding into a monitor/tv. This is the best instant solution I have. The downside is that when trying to set video via the debian linux desktop I get the message cannot get monitor info! Pahhh, debian linux is useless and rude just like windows and apple, following that I have been searching the net for a few hours looking for a way to get GEM (Graphics Environment Manager) to run on the Raspi... I'm guessing I'd need it to run Dos (PC's Disk Operating System) or Tos (Atari ST The Operating System, or some claim Tramiel Operating System) first. Wow... if I could get FreeTos to run.

It starts with a calibration screen. So it is now I plug in my Apple adb keyboard & mouse via a USB adapter, it all works fine. Going through the calibration I have no real idea of what to select, so just left most things as they are. I set the location, but couldn't get my head around the date time.

So I get to the GUI (Graphical User Interface). It's ok. It's slow to respond to mouse clicks. It clearly expected me to have a mouse with more than one button, but my mouse only has one button... can I hold shift & click???

Debian Linux is not very informative. Debian Linux is not what I would call intuitive to browse. I need a "Mycomputer" desktop icon, in order to file broswe (Yeah yeah, I know theres some dumb file browse thing, but can I open two? & I guess I'll get used to what's there, but it's not clear.

ran a game, mainly to check the sound, is the sound working??? i have got no idea, no idea at all.

havn't connected via ethernet cable yet, so we'll see the web browser, probably wait until my son is back at school, as having a long cable trailing invites accidents.

Some nice little games, looking forward to having a go with some programming.