The aliens homeworld (Tensulate) is full of the starving, sure it's wrong of them to want to take over earths supermarkets, but they're doing it to help the starving and needy, I think we should find a way to help them....... without taking over the supermarkets.

If you take a look below at my alien detector scope you'll be able to see what the Tensulans look like!

Unfortunatley, they're also known as "Half Aliens", on the account that you only ever get to see half of them. This picture was taken on thier home world, a murky muddy world, full of dirty grey buildings.

Tensulate is in a solar system where the sun is very faint, which is why thier planet is so poor, unfortunatley they have evolved to live on this planet & it's rare mix of minerals means they cannot just relocate.

A) should we try igniting thier sun?

B) Should we plant crops on a moon, orbiting a planet, which is closer to thier sun?

C) Should we ship out food from earth?