Welcome. I am The Imaginer; Time lord. I'm from New Gallifrey.

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I've landed on Earth and I'm looking to stop some aliens from taking over Englands Supermarkets,. Will you help me?

You will? that's great!

Now we need to go into my Tardis........

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The aliens are from Tensula. Why do you think they'd want to take over the supermarkets?

A) Supermarkets are what drive the economy, they could keep all the money and enslave the human race.

B) They could drug the food making us living zombies thereby enslaving the human race.

C) They could lower all the prices in the supermarket, buy all the stock cheap and ship it to their home-world which is full of the starving.

D) I don't know, you're the Timelord, you figure it out!