The Beatles RockBand (BRB)

I come to this game not having played "Guitar Hero" etc, but having heard of them & imagining them to be just button pressing games.
Originally I just had a Sony playstation Eyecam. A nice thing within itself, with a nice built in microphone, but for the purposes of BRB I found that I would have to be close to the mic & shout. So I bought two "Singstar" wireless microphones for use with BRB & they have done a very good job.
I am looking out for a guitar controller but am finding the search difficult. For the latest "Rockband3" there are new controllers, but these cost "£69! for the cheaper ones!. I don't mind paying that price... if I get what I want! But they have a light blue colour, not the Cherry red one they talk about & neither can I find the "John Lennon guitar replica" one that they talk about. Added to this that the controllers are being sold only by selected retailers, with which I'm either unfamiliar or that I'm just not keen on..... I am flabbergasted at how difficult they've made it.

Regardless, the game itself is a thing of beuaty.

BRB is a standalone game, separate to RockBand, and with further reading today it seems the song tracks wouldn't be cross compatible!
But although this seems like a bad thing I think it was the wise choice. BRB is a title for Beatles fans, perhaps more so than for a RockBand enthusiast.
But what a good job they have done. They have altered the program to encompass harmonic singing, & bearing this in mind, buying two mics was a good thing. The program has dreamscapes along with the tracks, which I feel make this a must for Beatles fans/Beatles collectors. The dreamscapes are based on the band playing in the studio, the band on tour, the band on the Ed Sullivan show & from the Yellow Submarine film.

With BRB you can opt for quickplay, & pick from songs or follow story mode & so trace the career of the Beatles, the latter being the more satisfying of the two, but the more time intensive. Again, if you’re a fan, story mode really is for you & there are a few surprises to unlock... I might have to find somebody who can sing in order to be able to unlock more prizes!

Beatles RockBand... 10/10