The Three Doctors

I’ve just finished watching Doctor Who, The three doctors, which was broadcast in three parts, from the end of December 1972 and into January 1973….. I would have been 7 months old! (I’m watching via an old video, just so’s you don’t think I travelled back in time)


It’s a good Doctor Who, with the first three Doctors. In this one the Doctor saves the universe and the Timelords are grateful and as gratitude they send The Doctor a dematerialisation unit, giving the once landlocked Doctor the freedom to explore time and space once again (though he needs a new force field generator which was destroyed whilst saving the universe)


The Doctor meets Omega, a Timelord and perhaps the first Timelord. Omega sacrificed himself inside a supernova in order that the Timelords (were they always called that?) could make time travel a reality. Omega is thousands of years old. Omega is still alive, only by his will alone and this is the key to his existence and the Doctor tricks Omega into loosing control, in letting his will slip Omega ceases to exist.


John Pertwee and Patrick Troughton Doctor’s bicker throughout. Hartnels Doctor can only communicate via television. Hartnell claims of his later selves that one is a dandy and the other a clown. This is satirical comment on changing fashions of Britian at that time. Hartnell is much more sober headed than his later selves. If Troughton is a clown, Pertwee a dandy, then Hartnell is the old dottering Doctor.


Now, Troughton and Hartnell meet their future selves. Would John Pertwee remember having met himself??? And if so, he’d already know what was about to happen and how to solve the problem!


No major grumbles though with this Doctor Who, a thoroughly worthwhile watch. The saga (three episodes, roughly half an hour each), begins slowly and builds to an exciting climax, with the Doctor using his intelligence to outwit his enemy. This is writing to be commended.