2008 Happy to walk around with my wifes shoulder bag, when she need to try something on, or other reason.

Difficult to remember when I started wearing my shoulder bag pretty permenantly, it was after going abroad on holiday & needing somewhere to carry my wallet/passport etc, whilst only wearing shorts & top. I liked it, decided to keep using it when I got back home :)

April/May started wearing heeled boots to take my son to school

Sometime started listening to Al & Mel, Alan Carr & Melanie Sykes on Radio 2, really loved the show presented by a gay man & his giggly girly friend.
Friended Rowetta from the Happy Mondays, & listened to her radio show on Gaydio. Gaydio downloaded as an app on my android phone & so I started listening to Gaydio more.

November 2011 joked about staring tribute band "Transvestite Beatles"

August 2011 Wearing heeled boots & carrying a shoulder bag

April 2012, woke up with sudden realistation "I am a woman"

April 2012 took some photo's of myself in female clothes;


April 2012 posting lots of songs to do with being trans.

May 2012 uploaded new photo's;


June 2012 although I'd already told my partner, they now find my girl clothes...

June 2012 Started fancying men!

July/August 2012 Went on holiday, wanted to go swimming but felt very self concious about showing my top half :0

August 2012 uploaded new photo's;


August 2012 Scarilly dissassociated from... from the physical male member, having to concentrate to wee, sex, sex as a male not really doing it for me, I lie & think I'm female.

September 2012 "Woke up from drean about Emmerdale (soap opera), pulled back sheets, questioned "Why have I got hairy legs?" have been shaving any chance since.

September 2012 Wishing to revert to my original first christian name, a name that can be male or female.

September 2012 Getting serious about de-hairing my legs & keeping them de-haired.

October 2012 New photo's :) Trying some make up & new dress


Sorry Blurry, but strike a pose huh? with the clumpy wedge sandals :)



Wanted a less blurry full length, decided to go for sultry look! asif!


Trying to show my gold eyeshadow


Gold nail polish... looks good in the right light.


Oh well, at least one photo I can half sort of convince myself...

21/10/2012 Watching Womens football! Yay I like Womens football :) Quite a thing if you realise how anti footbal a person I am.