Sponsor an Olive Tree

"If the olive trees knew hands that planted them, their oil would have become tears..."


Sponsor an Olive Tree in the West Bank, Palestine

The cost per tree is £15

Please contact

Diana Kattan, Christian Aid, 41 George IV Bridge Edingburgh EH1 1EL 0131 220 1254

Cheques should be made payable to Christian Aid

Christian Aid is a registered charity, charity no. 258003

The Olive Tree, the international symbol for peace is also the national symbol of prosperity and happiness for Middle Eastern countries in general and for the Palestinians in particular.

70% of the families living in the West Bank depend on the olive trees for their living.

Olive trees provide not only olives but also the oil that is the base for Palestinian food.

Olive tree oil and wood are also very useful as energy generating assets of lighting and heating in places where electricity has not yet been brought.

Since the beginning of the first Intifada (Uprising) in 1987 olive trees have been uprooted by Israeli Military forces. Over 260,000 olive trees have been uprooted before mid 2002, and still being uprooted everyday.

On behalf of thee YMCA and the East Jerusalem YMCA (Christian Aid Partner) you are invited as individuals or groups to help plant olive trees in the West Bank.

The planting will take place only in agreement with landowners and farmers on whose land trees will be placed. They participate in the planting and in secuting the future care of the trees supported by specialists.

If you wish to help sponsor an Olive Tree: You will be

..granted a Certificate of Appreciation

.. be recognised at the site and can go an visit your trees when you feel like it.

... help build hope among the Palestinian people for prosperous and peaceful future.