let's make sure the success rolls on. Six teams, 300+ Kids - Volunteer to do a little bit to spread the load. Email Stephen or Stuart - or speak to Jan, Joan, Gillian, Sharon on Sunday.
Sunday 11th Sept
coaching for all age groups P1-P7

Our season is now well underway with training & coaching for all.
New members are ALWAYS welcome, come along and try it out.
Some photos from the Helensburgh game here


OK Folks, you should know the drill by now. No need for filling in a new form, reply to Jan's email regarding confirming details, or see her in the clubhouse on Sundays. email her now at
and she'll send you the details she needs confirmed.

(Here's a photo so you know what she looks like!)

SUBSCRIPTIONS - £40 per child per season or £85 family membership per season are DUE NOW and Jan, Joan and the 'subscription' team will be out in force on Sunday to collect them. For continuing members, for SRU registration & insurance please ensure that details are corrrect and subs paid asap.


Our registration form can be downloaded here. Apologies that it is not an 'online form', however it is a word document & can completed on the pc and returned to Jan by email. Alternatively, it can be handed to Jan on any Sunday.


A note to remind you of our "boot exchange" programme. Kids grow quickly, they outgrow their boots. We try to make it easier by encouraging parents to hand in any boots that the kids have outgrown and then to see if there is a pair in the pool that they can swap them for - don't buy a pair without checking with us first..... don't forget to hand them in too! ALSO - rugby strips.....we're always looking for small strips, particularly for the new tinies.

CarthaKids Rugby @Carthakids
the website of Cartha QP RFC Minis Section

Welcome to
the website for the Micros, Minis & Midis Sections of Cartha Queen's Park Rugby Football Club, providing rugby fun for kids

FROM P1 - P7 and from S1 - S6


Stephen Running,
Minis Convenor
0141 423 7665 / 07778 596756

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Contact details:

Cartha Queen's Park RFC
92 Dumbreck Road
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0141 427 1593

Website enquiries/suggestions
Stephen Running
0141 423 7665 / 07778 596756

Provan Sports are kit suppliers to Cartha QP RFC . You can click the photo to visit the Cartha page on their website,click on the logo to go to the home page, use back button to return to

Our website
We're rugby people, not web people.We've put the site together ourselves to provide basic info & details for Mums & Dads, Guardians, Carers of our Minis & Midis sections. It's not perfect, but it does the job. We endeavour to keep the basic info up to date and we like trying to make it look better .... If you have any info you want to see on the site email Stephen Running with suggestions and we'll see what we can do.

There's been some changes....

Over the summer, some of us have changed what we do in Carthakids.

Stephen Running is now
Minis Convenor (i.e P1-P7)

Dan Young is now
Youth Convenor.

Dan's role is aimed at ensuring greater integration within CQP for the Micros, Minis, Midis, U15-17 and the Girls Sections and looking at ways of involving the "Youth Section" with our Senior Teams and vice versa. more later....

We also have a "fuller team" for CarthaKids this year, as well as Jan for Registration...we'lll provide a comprehensive list of "Useful Contacts" in the next couple of days.

Photo Galleries

Helensburgh 04/09/11

some photos of last year's activities

CarthaKids Season 2010-11



Greenock Festival


"Parents Handbook'

Our Parents'
handbook can be downloaded here, with info on CarthaKids and some useful suggestions on how to prepare and get your child ready for rugby on Sundays at Cartha.

Big thanks to Brodie for a great job well done!