Steve Last - Moses and The Ref
Chris & Steve at The Legion, photo - courtesy of Chris Flegg

Sample Feature Spot Set List

Change for the better - Dan McKinnon
Northern tide - Linda Kelly
Sway with me - Dave Whetstone
No Telling - Linda Thompson
Early morning rain - Gordon Lightfoot
Briar and the rose - Tom Waits
Roseville fair - Bill Staines
Love can build a bridge - Naomi Judd

"The duo had everyone in the room enthralled"

"Chris Connolley.... a remarkable voice.... sensitive interpretations of traditional and contemporary folk songs"

"Steve Last.... accomplished guitar style and voice.... the perfect complement"

Chris (Christine Connolley) is a fellow resident singer at St Albans Windward and a stalwart of Herga FC. We started singing together during summer 2004. Chris has a great voice, she can sing the gentlest of ballads or "belt out" a number with the best of them.

We sing both "a cappella" and with guitar accompaniment, each taking lead or harmony vocal as best suits song or voices. Our repertoire varies from traditional, through contemporary folk, to occassional "non-folk" material which suits our voices and style.

When singing solo, Chris sings either unaccompanied or with one of several interesting 'guest' acccompanists.

'Moses and The Ref' are our Mudcat tags, by which we have become known when we sing together.

We now have our own website. Please click here to find out more about us.