Steve Last - Repertoire

Whilst I do occasionally write my own songs, they tend to be based upon sudden inspiration relating to a specific, usually comic, incident or situation. Consequently they tend to relate best to a particular audience and have a short "shelf life". You'll normally only hear them in my local resident and floor spot sets. For my gigs I sing a wide variety of traditional and contemporary songs with lots of great singable choruses. Here is a sample set list to give you an idea of what to expect.

Title By
First Half
Tonight Dan McKinnon
Green banks of Grain Graeme Miles
Working Man Ben Campbell
Moutains of Mourne Percy French
Make me want to stay Tommy Sands
Countryside like this George Papavgeris
I wandered by a brookside Words: Monkton Milne, tune: Barbara Berry
Second Half
To be a farmer's boy Traditional
Just as the tides are flowing Traditional
Roses of no man's land Les Sullivan
Oh no my love not I Traditional
Rout of The Blues Traditional
Dimming of the day Richard Thompson
Early Snow Tom Paxton
Encore if I'm lucky!
Parting song Dave Webber