Christine Connolley

Christine is an accomplished singer with a distinctive voice and is also a fine song writer. She's been a regular folk club attendee and sing-a-round singer since her teens with a wide repertoire of songs from across the folk spectrum. But only in the last few years, encouraged by her friends, and when finally at a workshop with Dave Webber and Ani Fentiman she found her "second" voice, has she emerged as a performer of real talent and presence.

Over a similar period of time Christine has also developed as a songwriter of exceptional ability. Her songs display a maturity which belies her relative inexperience at the art, with memorable melodies and beautifuly crafted lyrics. Christine's song 'January Morning' has recently been recorded by Anthony John Clarke.

Christine has two daughters, a grandson and an ex-husband, and works full time as a finance officer in a local secondary school.

Christine also sings in a duo Moses and The Ref with Steve Last.
Click to play Click the play button to hear Christine's winning song from the 2007 Maidenhead Folk Song Competition.