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Most church notices simply record the times of Masses and other services. It is interesting to note that in the first available record - November 6th 1938 - there were three Masses on Sunday at 7.00am, 9.00am and 11.30am; weekday Masses at 7.45am and 8.15am; devotions on Thursdays at 7.30pm. There are also frequent mentions of Women's Guild, Guild of St Agnes, Boy's Guild, Union of Catholic Mothers (UCM), Catholic Young Men's Society (CYMS), whist drives and dances. Of course the written notices were mainly intended to remind the priest of things he wanted to say and so they are very brief and sometimes quite enigmatic.....war-related comments in green. Where it appears useful hyperlinks in yellow have been added to access additional information either in this website or across the World Wide Web.

Among the pages of the Notice Books were often found old copies of pastoral letters from Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals. These are referenced in the table below but for convenience are gathered together HERE.


26th Nov 1938 Notice of Women's Guild meeting on Wednesday with a lecture by Dr Reilly
18th Dec 1938 Xmas Midnight Mass notes - 1 silver collection, 2 no-one under the influence of alcohol will be admitted, 3- no school children will be permitted


9th April 1939 Presentation to Fr Quille on Wednesday (12th) followed by dance
3rd Sept 1939 Pupils at St Modan's and our own school  will not return until further notice.
15th Oct 1939 Cost of wall between church and school - 100.13.6 - church must pay half...
Nov 5th 1939 Please do not go up stairs to the choir while bell is being rung - word about waiting until last minute sitting on wall.
Nov 12th 1939 Box at church door to enable socks to be knitted ... hope women will show a little more enthusiasm.
19th Nov 1939 Grateful for socks and mitts for men in Parish. Books will now be given out from the Hall library on Tuesday and Thursday at 8.30 - same rules apply - books may be kept for a fortnight - fine of one penny beyond the fortnight.
3rd Dec 1939 Proceeds from (tonight's) Cinema (in church hall) for Red Cross.


4th Feb 1940 Library books must be returned not later than today - some keeping books out too long
11th Feb 1940 Bad attendance at school - children coming late - mothers to blame.
18th Feb 1940 Lecture - Falkirk Town Hall - Wednesday 7.30 - Nazism versus Catholicism
5th May 1940 Those who have sons in the Forces and have not yet handed in names might please do so as soon as possible.
9th June 1940 Mass next Saturday in Falkirk at 9.30am for former pupils of St Modan's who are in the Forces.
16th June 1940 Three 'tickings off' about "1 Gathering at the back of the Church, 2 People going into the choir at 9.00 mass, 3 People leaving before sermon."
4th Aug 1940 Benediction badly attended - never so few children - one cannot expect children to come, unless parents give the example - particularly at the present time - great need for improvement. Appeal from Catholic Chaplain for any old musical instruments.
27th Aug 1940 Letter from Archbishop Andrew Joseph on dark beginnings of War
17th Nov 1940 Collection for Tea for soldiers in the Hall.
24th Nov 1940 Friday - tea for soldiers in Hall - dance 6.00pm after tea.
1st Dec 1940 A purse containing a sum of money was found. Owner can have same by applying to Sacristy.
8th Dec 1940 No Midnight Mass


5th Jan 1941 Communions during 1940 - 14,103. Redemption of debt 101 - debt 3160
26th Jan1941 Next Sunday - Special Collection will be for Red Cross Prisoners Fund.
9th Feb 1941 Dance in school for Red Cross Prisoners of War
2nd March 1941 Women collecting for men in Parish in Forces
30th March 1941 Little Flower statue found at station.
21st May 1941 Slightly reproving letter from Archbishop to Priests re attendance at Retreats
14th Sept 1941 Comfort fund - all asked to give one penny (men/women, boys/girls working) More women required to knit otherwise there may be no comfort parcels for men who are away. Wool given out in hall after service.
28th Sept 1941 5/- (shilling) store check found in candle box.
19th Oct 1941 All who are knitting for men in the forces might please hand in the articles as soon as possible.
9th Nov 1941 Please don't kneel at back - fill all seats. Keep off the flowers - walk on pathway. Reduction of Debt 160 - debt stands now at 3000. Debt reduced during past 3 years 541 - of which add Interest paid 464.17.5 - In three years 1005.17.5 Great effort - deep thanks to all who have made a special effort - stimulus to those who do little to do same & to those who do nothing to make a little effort.


12th April 1942 Dramatic club meets in school hall today at 2.30
18th Oct 1942 Attendance at school - worst in district - (illegible) for class - because kept off school. Fight for Catholic school. Fines in future - no reference to (illegible) cases
1st Nov 1942 People leaving 7.00 Mass before end. Next Sunday Requiem mass for men fallen in war.
15th Nov 1942 Debt reduced by 300 - 2,700 still to be paid.
22nd Nov 142 Dance for Comfort Fund - school on Friday - hope for good response


17th Jan 1943 Debt again reduced by 159 - this year 459. In four years debt reduced by 1000 - present debt 2541.
21st March 1943 Lately dead - Matthew McVicar - killed in air raid in Tripoli
16th May 1943 Consecration of the Parish to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
23rd May 1943 Special Collection today for the Red cross
4th July 1943 Retreat day for men in Parish - all interested to make retreat are asked to write name on poster at back of church. Standing or kneeling at back of church will not be allowed.
25th July 1943 Ordination Friday evening 7.30
1st Aug 1943 Blessing/Kissing of newly ordained priest's hands after first Mass. Fr Doyle will say last Mass - Fr Walsh will preach. Thanks to all who donated to testimonial to Fr Doyle...
8th Aug 1943 On Saturday evening at 8.30 a Retreat for the young single ladies of the Parish Miss Chrissie Gillespie and Miss Nan Burrows will take the names of those who intend attending Retreat at Church Door. Donation 6d
12th Sept 1943 It is hoped to reduce debt this year by 541 Little appeal for extra effort - girls working and boys working to pay Allan (?) Society Building Fund. A number have generously increase fortnightly collections - perhaps some more may also help.
3rd Oct 1943 Letter from Archbishop Andrew Joseph re Aged and Infirm Clergy Fund
14th Nov 1943 Mass at 9 Friday for all killed in War


2nd Jan 1944 Reduction of debt this year 541 - debt stands at 2000...Past five years int 687.13 + R of D 541 = 2228
30th Jan 1944 Feb 18th Tea for Polish Soldiers - all invited to give a little help - food.
4th June 1944 Reduction of debt 500 - aim at end of year 1000 - better effort by some
30th July 1944 Purse found in church at first Mass
13th Aug 1944 Standing at back of church
20th Aug 1944 parents asked to send children to 9 Mass to sit in front seats to say prayers.
3rd Sept 1944 Friday Dance - Comfort Funds - two children with one ticket will not be allowed.
17th Sept 1944 Hope to reduce debt by 1000 - 300 already reduced last June - some might make a little better effort - 700 to be reduced
1st Oct 1944 No-one will be allowed to kneel at the back of the church except for good reason
15th Oct 1944 William Kelly (Denny) - Killed in action
29th Oct 1944 Whist drive & dance for Red Cross Friday 10 Nov - 30 to Comfort Fund
12th Nov 1944 Debt reduced by 600 - Present debt 1400
17th Dec 1944 Xmas eve - midnight mass - no children allowed except for good reason - let such reason be made known to Fr MacArdle or myself.
24th Dec 1944 No kneeling at back of church


4th Feb 1945 Whist drive organised for St Vincent de Paul - Friday 23rd Feb tickets 1/6. Throats blessed after evening service tonight. Dance in aid of Debt Fund in school hall Friday 100 to 2 - admission 1/6
11th March 1945 Play - White Headed Boy - Falkirk Dramatic Society - Friday 7.30 - tickets 1/- and 2/-; 2/- Top door, 1/- bottom door
22nd April1945 No kneeling at back of church during 11.30 Mass.
25th April 1945 Letter re aftermath of War from Archbishop Andrew Joseph OSB
20th May 1945 Debt in Parish reduced by 300 Present debt 1100
9th Sept 1945 Appeal for better attendance at Benediction
7th Oct 1945 Comfort Fund Collection is now ended
28th Oct 1945 Dance in aid of debt fund in Public Hall Dec 7th Tickets 2/6 to be had from members of the Youth Club. Raffle also for same purpose.
11th Nov 1945 Debt reduced by 300 - Present debt 800 - Thanks to all for generosity/help
16th Dec 1945 Special collection next Sunday for Starving Children of Europe.


1st Jan 1946 "Housing Our People" - New Year Message from Scottish Bishops
13th Jan 1946 Collection for starving children of Europe - 22.10
31st March 1946 Kneeling at back of church and talking
28th April 1946 Archbishop's Golden Jubilee
26 May 1946 Collectors going round for Archbishop's Golden Jubilee
20th Oct 1946 Late dance on Friday evening to raise funds for Senior Boys Club Football section - tickets 1/6
1st Dec 1946 Thanks to all who helped with Welcome Home Social on Friday


23rd Feb. 1947 No Catholic papers published.
9th March 1947 Papers on sale again - extra Catholic Heralds
6th April 1947 Protest meeting in Falkirk on Thursday 17th April on the question of Arch(bishop) (Alojzije) Stepinac (persecuted by Yugoslavian Communist Party) - not a political question. Appeal for a good turn-out from Bonnybridge
27th April 1947 Letter from Archbishop Andrew Joseph re the Rosary and the dangers of Communism
3rd Aug 1947 Stirlingshire Education Authority - Reorganisation of Schools - Meeting Tuesday5th 8pm - Speakers Mr Goldie Director of Education & Mr Davidson Chairman of Education Committee. It involves parents of children who are to go to St Francis' School after Summer holidays ie Aug 18th. Parents of children who have passed qualifying exam & those already in 1st and 2nd year Advanced.
7th Sept 1947 Mr McAllister the Parents' representative on the school management committee wishes it to be known that he has done all that was possible to secure a bus for the children attending St Francis' School, but since some of the officials of the Education Committee are at present on holiday nothing further can be done until their return. However favourable results are expected this week & it is advised that the parents continue to send their children by service bus in the meantime.


29 Feb 1948 Pilgrimage to Lourdes - July 4
13 March 1948 Cost of Pilgrimage to Lourdes - 26.10s
4th July 1948 2/6 in offertory plate - may be a mistake
5th Sept 1948 Grateful thanks to Andrew & Mrs Petale who donated to the church the Statue of St Theresa.
26th Sept 1948 Grateful thanks to Andrew & Mrs Petale who donated to the church the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Grateful thanks to John & Mrs Traynor who donated the picture of Our Lady.


10th April 1949 Football - boys club - cost 3.12 - stolen from hall. Meeting of parents on Tuesday Bus - return season tickets - attendance - conduct on the bus
24th April 1949 Dinners at school 3d - Falkirk 4d - Football stolen from hall returned - abstinence continues every Friday.
28th April 1949 Letter from Archbishop Andrew Joseph re Municipal Elections - re-issue of Letter of September 1947
2nd Oct 1949 Friday (7th) Feast of the Holy Rosary 15 decades said during Mass
30th Oct 1949 CYMS (catholic young men's society) inter-parish social when Bannockburn are our guests in the Church Hall on Friday 4th, beginning at 7.30...
11th Nov 1949 We have been asked to call a Parochial Meeting for next Sunday after Last Mass to arrange for a presentation to Fr Maccabe.
4th Dec 1949 Parochial meeting last Sunday agreed to give Presentation to Fr Maccabe n occasion of annual reunion. Collectors will visit each district shortly
25th Dec 1949 Next Saturday - Holy Year (1950) Ceremonies. Holy hour begins at 11pm followed by sung Mass at midnight - church doors will be closed at 11pm so everyone must complete whole ceremony.


1st Jan 1950 School re-opens Wed with Mass at 9am - Falkirk (&) St Ninian's schools also re-open on Wednesday. Tickets for re-union and Presentation now on sale.
8th Jan 1950 Xmas collection coming in very slowly. Delay keeps back yearly account book for Parish. Please try and get collection handed in quickly.
15th Jan 1950 Friday evening - all collectors, senior choir, church cleaners and scrubbers, Pass Keepers, Leaders of clubs are invite to Church Workers' Party at 7.30pm Hall has been re-painted and scrubbed . All requested to do their utmost to keep Hall clean!!
22nd Jan 1950 Friday evening - annual re-union and presentation to Fr Maccabe. Admission by ticket only.
19th March 1950 Silver Jubilee Committee meet after last Mass today instead of tonight as arranged. Bus from Haggs will stop at Station Bridge about 8.45 and pick up anyone going to 9am Mass. Usually about 20 vacant seats.
26th March 1950 Next Sunday (2nd April) is Silver Jubilee of laying of foundation stone of Church.
7th May 1950 (next) Friday - Jubilee social at 7pm; Wednesday 7.30 - Solemn High Mass at 11am Jubilee Mass
20th Aug 1950 Hall committee has been appointed to look after the interests of the Hall
8th Oct 1950 In sacristy - purse containing 13/9d found this morning by parishioner on way to this mass (8 o'clock)
4th Nov 1950 9 o'clock Mass next Sunday will be a Requiem Mass for those killed in the two World Wars
3rd Dec 1950 CTS (Catholic Truth Society) membership. The number is much reduced from last year. Would all those wishing to become members get cards today at the church door. Those who have already given in names would you kindly remind CTS attendant at door as list has been taken away by mistake.
24th Dec 1950 Xmas Eve - Midnight Mass - bus leaves Haggs at 11-15pm. Next Sunday evening Midnight Mass - service begins at 11pm, bus leaves Haggs at 10.15pm
31st Dec 1950 Everybody intending to be present at midnight Mass must be in church by 11.00pm when the Holy Hour begins. Doors will be closed at 11.00pm


28th Jan 1951 Church workers party will take place in Church Hall on Monday 5th Feb. - Collectors, Choir Members, Church Ushers, Cleaners - please let on of Priests know if you can be present.
4th Feb 1951 Income for year cleared all expenses including over 300 for painting and repairs etc. 2nd collection at Masses excluding Diocesan collections paid coal for year.
11th March 1951 Next Sunday St Patrick's Day - Celebration - Grand Variety Concert. We have been reminded from headquarters to make it known that Dancing During Lent - Advent is Forbidden. We are reminded to Pray for men who are fighting & suffering & laying down their lives in Korea.
20th May 1951 Permission has been granted to hold outdoor procession on next Sunday week instead of next Sunday on account of CYMS retreat being held that day. First Holy Communion date now fixed for Saturday morning June 2nd. That will allow all 1st Communicants to be in procession following day June 3rd
27th May 1951 Next Sunday by special permission outdoor procession of Blessed Sacrament - Broxburn Catholic Band will probably be here to lead singing of hymns during procession.
17th June 1951 At Parochial meeting last Sunday (the) following changes in outdoor collections were proposed and passed. Instead of existing 3 outdoor collections "Fortnightly", "Building Fund" and "Altar Society" only one outdoor collection will be collected but it will be 1/- per week for all people working over 18 years. Those under 18 years will contribute 6d per week. It will take a little time to organise collections. existing collectors will each get a district but much smaller than the present one. It will mean 1 collector per district instead of 3. A meeting of collectors next Sunday would assist arranging districts.
12th Aug 1951 Tuesday Vigil of Assumption is day of Fast and Abstinence. Date of opening of branch of Union of Catholic Mothers - Wednesday 22nd Aug 7.00pm.
26th Aug 1951 At Church door photo of church in Calendar form or mounted photo. Price Calendar 3/6, Mounted photo 2/6. All profits to restoration fund. Rood is now completed but church is very dirty.
9th Sept 1951 New Archbishop will be consecrated on Sept 21st. On such a great occasion permission has been granted for meat to be allowed that Friday. (Webmaster note - Gordon Joseph Gray (Priest:
15 Jun 1935; Archbishop: 20 Jun 1951 to 30 May 1985 - appointed Cardinal 1969)
28th Oct 1951 New bus service. A bus will leave end of Falkirk Rd every Sunday from today at 8-40am. Bus will leave Greenhill at 8.50amstopping at Woodburn Road end, Seabegs Coop. Returning 1st to Greenhill then Falkirk Rd.
11th Nov 1951 This evening - film "Priests for Scotland" depicting beautiful scenery in Scotland. Also two shorts with Gigli and Deanna Durbin singing 3 songs.
25th Nov 1951 Tickets on sale for Social to welcome Archbishop G J Gray on Wed 5th December. Parents requested to keep children at home on this occasion. All tickets 2/6d
23rd Dec 1951 Midnight Mass - doors open at 11.30pm. Don't forget it is Mass not a show. Curiosity often makes non-Catholics want to go; not to be encouraged. Midnight Mass bus leaves Haggs at 11.15pm taking same route as Sundays.


6th Jan 1952 Meeting of Restoration Fund Committee. Total amount received by committee until end of year - 453-8-7d - VG. Church workers Party on Friday evening - all collectors, Xmas Choir members, church cleaners, members of Restoration Fund Committee, door keepers & ushers etc all kindly accept this invitation and come!!
10th Feb 1952 To whom it may concern. St John Bosco Guild Dinner Dance which had to be held in Falkirk on Tuesday has been postponed (on account of Death of King). New date Wed 20th Feb in Plough Hotel Stenhousmuir.
24th Feb 1952 Restoration Fund Committee total including 125 from Xmas Collection - 618-1-0 - VG.
30th March 1952 Annual CYMS week-end retreat takes place this year at Fatima House, Coodham, Kilmarnock .. particularly recommended ... to any who may be contemplating matrimony .. and to those who will be leaving their Catholic home and atmosphere to do their Military Service...
6th April 1952 Archbishop's circular - Ecclesiastical Education for year ending Dec 1950 cost 10,500 exceeding by 3,600 income from all sources. Appeal suggested is to raise funds by parochial dramatic or other kind of function. We have a readymade entertainment that will suit the occasion in Children's Operetta .. The Enchanted Emerald.
27th April 1952 Concert last Sunday was grand - response very poor!
11th May 1952 Restoration Fund Committee's Grand Total for Winter activities - 717-12-2 - VG!!!
25th May 1952 Greenhill-Falkirk Rd bus being run at weekly loss of 12/6. If no improvement, bus will be discontinued! Total sum collected for Archbishop's Student Fund - 41-1-0; UCM 10; proceeds from Children's Concert 9-17-6. Grand Total = 60-18-6. VG
21st Sept 1952 ..it was agreed to have Savings Bank to assist those wishing to go to Lourdes in future.
26th Oct 1952 An extra bus will leave Bankier for 9.00am mass from today.
16th Nov 1952 This evening Men's Smoker under auspices of Celtic Supporters' Club. Proceeds for Lourdes Invalid Fund. Two Celtic Players will be at smoker.
23rd Nov 1952 Celtic Supporters' Club donation to Lourdes Invalid Fund from smoker - 10-15/-
7th Dec 1952 Film 'Magnificat' (shown by Sisters of Franciscans Missionaries of Divine Motherhood) will be shown .. next Wednesday. Sisters are sorry for breakdown (during earlier showing) due to High Voltage in Bonnybridge.


4th Jan 1953 Soon Mass will be said in Longcroft school. Date of beginning will soon be given. Until that date bus service to St Joseph's will continue.
18th Jan 1953 Next Sunday Mass will begin at Longcroft school. At moment best time seems to be 10.30am This may be changed if more convenient time is found.
8th Feb 1953 Prayers today for storm victims. Special collection next Sunday for Flood Relief Fund. Collectors going round each District for Donations for Memorial Chalice.
15th Feb 1953 Edinburgh Pilgrimage to Lourdes .... 24th July ...1st August. We have enough money to take two sick pilgrims. Any sick willing to go to Lourdes please hand your names in sacristy as quickly as possible. Names will be drawn by lot.
1st March 1953 Abp (archbishop) appeal envelopes for New Seminary are ready. You may notice in paper Abp is trying to get 20,000
15th March 1953 Names of two lucky sick persons for free ticket to Lourdes will be drawn at St Patrick's Day Concert.
26th April 1953 Boys wishing to take part in Camp Holiday in Bruncanna Please give in your names next Sunday. Fare - working boys 7-10-0, school boys 6-10-0
4th Oct 1953 Letter from Archbishop re new seminary fund.
8th Nov 1953 Mass on Sunday - 7-9-11.30am Last Mass Requiem for those killed in Wars. New Chalice being used.
15th Nov 1953 At church door may be found Forms of Protest against persecution of Church in Poland. You are requested to sign your name.
20th Dec 1953 Thursday Xmas Eve Midnight Mass. Doors open 11.30pm. Don't forget - non-Catholics not encouraged to attend Midnight Mass. Everybody should try and received H Com for Xmas. (Xmas Eve - day of Fast & Abstinence)
7th March 1954 Marian Year Triduum will be in St Joseph's on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 21st, 22nd, 23rd March. Abp Gray will be special preachers and give Solemn Benediction on Sunday after Triduum.
11th April 1954 Easter Eve Service Mass at 12 midnight. Those who receive H. Com at Midnight cannot of course receive H Com again on Easter Day.
18th April  1954 UCM gave donation of 27 for new vestments. Cope-Veil kindly donated by Petale Family in memory of Mr Petale.
2nd May 1954 A note for children attending St Joseph's...Religious Inspectors will visit school for Religious Exams on Tuesday.
16th May  1954 CYMS Marian Year Celebrations at Celtic Park Sunday May 30th.
21st Nov 1954 On Sunday 5th Dec - last Sunday of Marian Year. A Pilgrimage round churches in Stirlingshire - Slamannan, Camelon, Larbert, Bannockburn, Stirling - to gain indulgence has been arranged. Time of departure not yet fixed. We are hoping to be back by 5.30pm. Tea will be provided in Hall. Our Pilgrimage ending with devotions in our own church at 6.00pm. Bus tickets 2/6 from COM.
5th Dec 1954 We are asked to pray for the Holy Father (Pius XII) (who is ill) at Mass and every day.


9th Jan 1955 Committee still doing good work - 25.00 Good News another 250 added to Building Fund - now 500 VG
16th Jan 1955 Committee handed over 25 for Building Fund during week.
20th Feb 1955 Boys and young men desiring to be accepted as students for the priesthood should make application through PP before May 14th.
25th Sept 1955 On Friday 14th October. Grand Rally to Commemorate 25th anniversary of Papal Encyclical on Catholic Education in Albert Hall, Stirling at 7.30pm. Speakers - His Lordship Bishop Beck of Brentwood; The Marchioness of Lothian; Dr William Barry FEIS. Tickets may now be had - 1/6
6th Nov 1955 Welcome to his Excellency the Apostolic Delegate in Usher Hall, Edinburgh. We have allocation of 35 tickets at 2/-. If you have not already booked one, please do so today.
13th Nov 1955 Wednesday - Concert and Presentation of Robes in Town Hall at 7.30pm
25th Dec 1955 Notice of Death of V  Rev Michael Canon Downie (former PP Bonnybridge)
18th Dec 1955 Saturday evening - doors open for Midnight Mass at 11.30pm. As usual you are reminded that it is Mass and non-Catholics should be discouraged from attending unless well-disposed and they must be in company with a Catholic.
27th Nov 1955 Social Committee handed over to Building Fund 103.10.10 Site has officially been secured.


25th March 1956 Palms blessed before 11.30 mass according t the restored Rite. Pass-Keepers and CYMS invited to take part in the processions of Palms. The Faithful may go to Communion Thursday, Friday, Saturday; on Thursday and Friday they must be fasting for 3 hours from solid food and one hour from liquid food beforehand. On Sat there is no fast of obligation but it is recommended that they be fasting from 10.00pm. Those who received communion at the Vigil may NOT go to Communion on Sunday. The Vigil Mass fulfils the Sunday obligation.
20th May 1956 Tuesday 29th 5.15pm Pontifical requiem at Cathedral for late Archbishop.
11th Nov 1956 Sunday Mass - 11.30 - Requiem for Dead of Two World Wars.
18th Nov 1956 Second Collection today is for Archbishop's Aid to Hungary Fund.
2nd Dec 1956 Archbishop wishes to acknowledge 4,800 received for Hungarian Relief
23rd Dec 1956 MIDNIGHT MASS - Doors open from11.30pm - non-Catholics discouraged.


27th Jan 1957 Laetare Youth Social and Dance 8th February - names to Fr Murnin by tonight - Admission 2/- PURSE & MONEY found in Church - in Sacristy for owner.
31st March 1957 Letter from Archbishop Gray re  Dunfermline Pilgrimage
31st March 1957 Request information on suitability of 6pm Mass
14th April 1957 Palms blessed before 11.30 mass according t the restored Rite. CYMS invited to take part in the processions of Palms. The Faithful may go to Communion Thursday, Friday, Saturday; on each occasion they must be fasting for 3 hours from solid food and alcohol and one hour from liquid food beforehand. Those who received communion at the midnight Vigil mass may NOT go to Communion on Sunday. The Vigil Mass fulfils the Sunday obligation.
16th June 1957 Bus for Dunfermline leaves from outside church today at 11am prompt.
29th Sept 1957 No Guild of St Agnes because of 'flu'.
6th Oct 1957 No Guild of St Agnes because of 'flu'.
12th Oct 1957 Guild of St Agnes - Monday 6.45
1st Dec 1957 Choir Loft dangerous!


1958? Mission Sunday Letter from Bishop Francis Walsh of Aberdeen
19th Jan 1958 Social evening for the Church Workers - Bring your own cutlery!
26th Jan 1985 Presentation to Fr Rourke - March 4th
2nd March 1985 On Tuesday - Presentation to Fr Rourke begins at 8.00pm
16th March 1958 UCM Notice from M Quinn Secy - "Next Sunday 23rd March Rev Father McGarry from Cowie will give a Retreat to the Women. The Retreat will commence at 3.0pm and finish at 5.0pm approx. Tea will be served in the hall before Benediction..."
23rd March 1958 On Sat and Sun 17th & 18th May, retreat for men run by CYMS at Coodham, Kilmarnock. Anyone going give names to Mr John Slaven.
30th March 1958

Palm Sunday

(on Good Friday) According to the changes in the Liturgy you may go to Communion Thursday, Friday, Saturday; BUT on each occasion they must be fasting for 3 hours from solid food and alcohol and one hour from liquid food. And those who received communion at the midnight Vigil mass may NOT receive it again on Easter Sunday morning. The Midnight Mass fulfils the Sunday obligation.
20th April 1958 Tonight at 7.00pm smoker in hall run by Celtic Supporters Club
18th May 1958 Next Sunday (May 25th) Rally at Celtic Park sponsored by CYMS. People from all over Grt Britain and other European countries will be taking part in it.... On Sun 8th June a bus will be going from the parish to visit Fr Rourke.....Requiem for late Archbishop - Thurs 22nd May 11.00am
12th Oct 1958 Rag Merchant (coming) on Tues night. If you have any rags hand them in to UCM. Bus leaves for Duns at 12.30pm Bring own foodstuffs. Please note NO CHILDREN have to be on the bus. Mass on Tues morning at St Mary Cathedral at 11am for the Pope. (Pope Pius XII died 9th Oct 1958)
19th Oct 1958 Thanks for 100 from sale of work - proceeds to church repairs.
22nd Feb 1959 Prayers for China; Concert for St Patrick's. A limited number of seats so please get your tickets now as some people from outside the parish wish to go! Admission by ticket only.
8th March 1959 Ordination ceremony next Sat Cathedral 11am
22nd March 1959 According to the changes in the Liturgy you may now receive Holy Communion on (Holy) Thurs, Fri, & Sat; but you  must be fasting (explain here). Those who received communion at midnight on Holy Saturday may NOT receive it again on Easter Sunday morning. The Midnight Mass fulfils your Sunday obligation. Masses as usual next Sunday
3rd May 1959 Fr Murnin has been made a Canon.
16th Aug 1959 Annual Polish pilgrimage to Carfin 30th Aug Sunday. Buses leaving from Falkirk. Anyone going contact Fr Drobina or Polish Church Committee
11th Oct 1959 Collection for Pit Disaster Fund after each Mass.
16th Oct 1959 Rags (Boys collecting them on Mon & Tues) Boys meet in Hall after devotions tonight.


21st Feb 1960 Refugee Week - 1. Clothes (wearable) 2. Papers ("Appeal") on sale (sponsored by Cath. Students)
28th Feb 1960 Easter Duties begin on Ash Wednesday. Wed is a day of Fasting & Abstinence (NB Ash Wed & Good Friday are the only days of Fast and Abstin during Lent)
27th March 1960 Raffle from last Sunday unclaimed (100 cigs) N. 2884. Children will be round for rags. Next Sunday newly ordained first Mass 9am; Blessing in evening at devotions
10th April 1960 According to the changes in the Liturgy you may now receive Holy Communion on (Holy) Thurs, Fri, & Sat; but you  must be FASTING (explain here). Those who received communion at midnight on Holy Saturday may NOT receive it again on Easter Sunday morning. The Midnight Mass fulfils your Sunday obligation. Masses as usual next Sunday
8th May 1960 Applications for Vocations immediately. Bus for Vocations exhibition at Kelvin Hall May 29th (Sun)
15th May 1960 Archbishop Gray's Silver Jubilee. Presentation from diocese. Envelopes.
12th June 1960 Confirmations on Mon 7pm All Children be in school by 6.30pm. Sponsors then will collect the children in their classroom & take them up to the church.
29th Jan 1961 Fr Kruger's visit (Radio & Television)
26th March 1961 According to the changes in the Liturgy you may now receive Holy Communion on (Holy) Thurs, Fri, & Sat with the usual fasting (explain here). Those, however, who received communion at midnight on Holy Sat may NOT receive it again on Easter Sunday morning. The Midnight Mass fulfils your Sunday obligation. Masses as usual next Sunday
21st May 1961 List for Dunfermline Rally June 11th
28th May 1961 Thank UCM for 133; Archbishop MacDonald's anniversary; no evening Mass after today
1st Oct 1961 Hall not to be used until further notice.
29th Oct 1961 Sat Nov 4th Mass in Cathedral - Pope's 80th Birthday. Next Sunday Exposition SS from after the last Mass until Evening Devotions. Intentions - Holy Father's int; Peace and success of the coming Vatican Council.
19th Nov 1961 Next Sunday Concert (re-opening of hall)
31st Dec 1961 Prayer for Council - to be said every Sunday from now on.
18th Feb 1962 In celebration of the Silver Jubilee (this year) of the CYMS a Dinner Dance will be held in the Parish Hall on Fri 2nd March.
15th April (Palm Sunday)  (Good) Friday Fast and Abst
29th April 1962 In preparation for Confirmation on Sun 13th May Canon Murnin would like some of the men to clean up the grounds around the church.
4th Nov 1962 Wed 7.30pm Mass - Bishop, Clergy & Religious - Fr Conway, Miley, Cameron, Galligan, Burns, Canon Downey.
1963 (Notices from here on get very brief with the introduction of a parish news sheet)
27th Jan 1963 Note of the death of Cardinal Godfrey, Archbishop of Westminster
10th March 1963 Ordination March 30th at 11am. Presentation Sunday March 31st. Communion at each weekday service.
31st March 1963 COUNT FOR MASS!!! (Slip of paper records - 9.0 clock Mass Right side - 150, left side 122, choir 45, altar boys - 6; total 323)
21ST April 1963 Would all boys going to Ireland please meet in Hall on Thurs at 6.30
9th June 1963 Xavarian Fathers next Sunday. Requiem for Pope Wed 11.30. Extra papers - Life of Pope John.
16th June 1963 Tonight at 7.30 there will be a Record evening for the teenagers of the parish (14yrs-17) Admission2/6.
21st July 1963 Note of death of Archbishop O'Hara, Apostolic Delegate.
22nd Sept 1963 School bus from Larbert Rd (leaving from Wheatlands Ave) will start on Mon first. Preference should be given to infants until such times as another bus is available.
24th Nov 1963 Notice of death of President Kennedy (2 days earlier)
10th May 1964 Elections on Tues 12th May
24th May 1964 Formula for Communion - Corpus Christi - answer Amen, also addition to Divine Praises
6th Dec 1964 Guilds - Ambulance Class for all.
31st Jan 1964 Record of the death of Winston Churchill
29th Feb 1965 Friday - (at the evening Mass we will have the new Liturgy. Try to come.)
16th Jan 1966 Canon Murnin in Hospital - taken there last Sunday
7th Aug 1966 The Canon will return to the parish next Sunday
19th Feb 1967 Meeting of secondary school pupils in hall after last Mass.
26th Feb 1967 Friday - 1st Friday of month Mass 7.30am, 730pm. Holy Communion will be available at 8.15am for those who normally attend this Mass during Lent.
5th March 1967 Everybody should have new envelopes by now. If any are missed please let us know. You can now burn the old ones.
30th April 1967 No Benediction this evening due to the concert for Bauchi in Falkirk. Confirmation date 7th June - adults not confirmed please give names to priest a soon as possible.
20th Aug 1967 Census returns - Confessions 108, H Communion 214, Mass 634.
17th Sept 1967 Special Collection today for Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund. Next Sunday evening Mass 6.30. Mass timed to coincide with bus service. Mass begins when bus arrives. Should catch bus for return journey.
8th Oct 1967 Notice re enlistment at Universities and Colleges
22nd Oct 1967 Drob's Polish Concert tonight - Falkirk Town Hall 7.30 - Tickets
29th Oct 1967 Wednesday - Feast of All Saints - holiday of Obligation. Reminder this is the month for having family Masses said.
17th Dec 1967 Foot & Mouth disease - letter from Irish Ambassador - Don't go.
31st Dec 1967 (Statement from Scottish Bishops regarding the removal of the Friday abstinence from meat rule.)


7th Jan 1968 Teenage Hop - Friday evening in church hall. Tickets available at church door - price 5/-
28th Jan 1968 Parish Council: You will see the results of the election in to-day's sheets. We would like to thank all who co-operated. Next Sunday the Canon will speak about the Parish Council & the inaugural meeting.
4th Feb 1968 Parish Council: Inaugural meeting Wednesday at 7.30pm. Council will begin with Mass.
11th Feb 1968 Young Helpers of Lourdes: There will be a "record-Hop" on Friday 23rd February. Tickets 2/6 on sale at church door.
21st April 1968 Notice of death of James King of St Mungo's School
19th May 1968 Deeds of covenant ready for signing. Record hop - St Joseph's Social Club - Friday 31st May 8-11pm Tickets 2/6 - soft drinks & snacks.
7th July 1968 Social evening - Friday 12th July 8-1am - Proceeds towards renovation of hall. Tickets 2/- on sale at church door.
21st July 1968 Census figures - Confessions: 48; Communions: 191; Mass attendance: 657.
4th Aug 1968 There are extra copies of the Catholic papers with the full text of the Pope's encyclical...
17th Nov 1968 Census - Mass attendance: 664; Communion: 219.
22nd Dec 1968 The Midnight service will begin with Carol singing at 11.45. Those who go to Communion at midnight Mass may also receive on Christmas day.


2nd Feb 1969 Teenage Dance to music of Chapter Six - Saturday 15th February. Price of admission 4/- Age limit 14.
23rd Feb 1969 The Archbishop - visit - evening Mass 6.30 - 23rd March.
30th March 1969 Telegram to His Eminence Cardinal Gray
6th April 1969 Social evening and dance - no licence - bring own refreshments. Notice re motorists. Apologies for news bulleting - wrong week.
18th May 1969 Envelopes for Cardinal Gray. Census - Mass attendance: 743; Communions:308; Confessions: 77.
30th Nov 1969 Teenage Dance - Mon 1st Dec from 8-11pm. Admission 5/- Music of Smoke Stack band.


18th Jan 1970 Parish council - nominations close next Sunday.
25th Jan 1970 Coach Tour to Lourdes - 53 gns (Guineas - 21 shillings in old money - 1.05 to-day!) Deposit 3 this week.
29th March 1970 Brother Norbert - hero of Biafra. Thursday in hall 8.00pm All invited.
28th June 1970 Congratulations to school team on winning the Cup.
26th July 1970

"The miracle of Lourdes" is on ITV this evening at 6.15. A programme worth watching about British handicapped children of all denominations taken to Lourdes.

6th Sept 1970 Badminton club: Thursday evening in school hall beginning at 6.30pm
8th Oct 1970 Meeting of sub-committee of Parish Council for the 200 club will meet in presbytery on Monday at 8.00pm
18th Oct 1970 St Mungo's High School Parents-Teacher Association. Please sign Membership Application & return to school via Pupils.
22nd Nov  1970 Chain letters - BURN! Student registration. Laity centre: Meeting in crypt hall, Denny - Monday, 23rd November at 8.00pm. Subject: 'Sex Education' - parents invited.


10th Jan 1971 Special collection today - Ibrox Disaster Fund
17th Jan 1971 Ibrox Fund last week - 45. Thanks. Nominations for Parish Council. Names to be handed into presbytery or to local parish councillors.
31st Jan 1971 Nominations for Parish Council still needed for High Bonnybridge area & Gateside or Lower Bonnybridge area.
7th Feb 1971 Nominations for Parish Council for High Bonnybridge area & Gateside or Lower Bonnybridge area. UCM Dinner Dance - Friday at 8.00 till 1 am. Tickets 10/-.
21st Feb 1971 Catholic Universe & Observer - 4 new pence. Irish Weekly - 3 new pence.
7th March 1971 New envelopes - secondary school children & others wishing them should see the priest.
11th April 1971 Those at Communion in Paschal Vigil may receive Communion again to-day. (Easter Sunday)
2nd May 1971 Friday is 1st Friday - Evening Mass is Folk Mass
13th June 1971 Congratulations to St Joseph's School Choir - in Festival of music took 1st place against 8 schools. Congrats to children & teachers.
20th June 1971 One Mass to be cut. Parish Council will decide next meeting.
4th July 1971 Parish Council: as was announced beforehand the masses on Sundays and Holidays of obligation are being cut to three. It was decided at the Parish Council meeting last Monday that 6.45 on Sunday and 10.30 on holiday of obligation will be cut. This will begin from Sunday 25th July - three weeks today giving people time to adjust to the change.
15th Aug 1971 1d and 3d discontinued at end of August.
7th Nov 1971 UCM Supper dance - Tickets 50 pence


13th Feb 1972 Presentation to Fr McNally
27th Feb 1972 Presentation to Fr McNally - it has been decided to postpone the organization of the presentation until there is an improvement in the employment situation.    "Petition for Public Decency"
19th March 1972 Presentation to Fr McNally: this will take (place) at a Social Evening on Friday 28th April. Collectors, with official contribution sheets, will soon be calling. Today is a special day of prayer for peace in Northern Ireland.
14th May 1972 Thanks to all who participated in the sponsored walk last Sunday. It was an admirable effore in shocking conditions. We now hope that walkers will hand in their sponsorship forms (and money) to the SVP as soon as possible.
21st May 1972 Sponsored walk raised 265.28p. Parish newsletter being distributed by members of Parish Council after today's Masses. This is a sample issue only, but if there is sufficient interest, we would issue them regularly. As there are only a limited number, it would be preferable if only one adult from each family took a copy home.
28th May 1972 (Deleted entry) Only in rare or exceptional cases should it be necessary for anyone to remain in the porch during Mass. The obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday involves more than mere presence. It involves also participation. This can clearly b most easily achieved by being inside the church.
25th June 1972 Most people will already have received the Parish newsletter. We slightly underestimated the number so two or three streets have not yet received their copies. They will be delivered during the coming week. We'd like to thank those children from Primary 7 who gave up their free time to help in the preparation and delivery of the newsletter.
10th Sept 1972 Next Sunday the evening Mass will be a Folk Mass. There will be a practice of the hymn-tunes in the Hall on Friday evening. Anyone who is interested is most welcome.
17th Sept 1972 In response to repeated demand a small stall selling religious booklets etc will be in operation after the 11.30am Mass. It is hoped that parishioners will now patronize this stall.
24th Sept 1972 Last week we received a cheque for 510.38p being a return of Income Tax credited to us from the Government in respect of tax paid by parishioners who have joined the Covenant Scheme.
15th Oct 1972 Parish Meeting: It was decided at the Open Meting of the Parish Council last Monday that all parishioers should be consulted about the proposed new school....
19th Nov 1972 New Organ: welcomed by all. It is hoped that parishioners will show their appreciation by joining enthusiastically in the singing. The Parish Council are devising means whereby the cost can be met.
3rd Dec 1972 We regret that we have to discontinue the use of the Missalettes, which have been such a boon to us all. The publishers' change of text and translation, not being approved by any of the Scottish Bishops, has forced us to try to find some alternative. Today's sheets call for a much greater effort on the part of all. Your participation is asked for. Do join in the singing and in the responses.
14th Jan 1973 Today envelopes are being distributed to allow all parishioners to contribute to the cost of the new organ..... It is hoped to start Brownies in the Parish.....
11th Feb 1973 Talk of tax-changes and effect on Covenants - an explanation of Covenants in each newsletter delivered this weekend. Our Parish representative is Mr Norman Wren. Catholic Observer: 24 extra copies to the Parish, with report of school controversy, and picture of members of sub-committee of Parish Council.
11th March 1973 New Misalettes today - intended to be used with Mass Books - regrettably not yet available from publishers. They promise books will be available within 2 weeks.
22nd April 1973 New Mass-Books in use from to-day - please make a special effort to handle them carefully - at the end of Mass, please leave them at the end of your seat with the Missalette inside it.
29th April 1973 Mass-Books - please leave in your seat (11 disappeared last Sunday!)
20th May 1973 District Education sub-Committee: election of one parent representative from Bonnybridge Primary and St Joseph's. Meeting on Tuesday 22nd May at 8.15pm in Bonnybridge Primary.
26th Aug 1973 Sunday 9th September: Cause for beatification of Margaret Sinclair. Exposition of Blessed Sacrament at Mt Vernon Cemetery Chapel from 1.30-3pm - after devotions Mass at Rosewell at 4.30pm
2nd Sept 1973 Friday evening Mass offered at request of SVP Society in connection with the cause of Frederick Ozanam (Founder). Petition leaflets available at church door to be presented t Friday's Mass.
16th Sept 1973 Scottish Railway Preservation Society. Next Saturday: Train Grahamston 10.04 2.80: children 1 less. See Thomas Cole for further information.
23rd Sept 1973 (50th anniversary Mass offered for the men who lost their lives in the Redding Pit disaster on 25th September 1923)
7th Oct 1973 Parish Council (Pastoral Council): Please remember to put nominations in the box at the church door today.
18th Nov 1973 Remember letter to MP - Mass lobby at Westminster on Tuesday
25th Nov 1973 Next Sunday (1st of Advent( marks the official opening of the Holy Year (of 1975!)
9th Dec 1973 1st Meeting of newly-formed Pastoral Council in the Hall at 8pm. Names of all members is on sheet an church door.
16th Dec 1973 Mr Baxter's acknowledgement in the Press of the receipt of over 3000 letters on the proposed amendments to the Abortion Law shows the strong indication of public feeling is important and must influence our MPs. Don't stop now. Keep the momentum going, so that our MP is kept fully aware that his constituents are continuing to demand a change in the Law. Our protest is not a one-day wonder, but a continued and real protest against a law which offends and disgust humanity.


17th Feb 1974 Friday in Falkirk - Special Opening Mass for Holy Year, concelebrated by Cardinal, Bishop Monaghan, Lord Abbot of Nunraw and all priests of Stirlingshire. ... Thursday Record Hop in Hall organised by Social Committee for 14-17 year olds....
24th Feb 1974 Vote on Thursday
24th March 1974 Open Meeting on "Local Government Reform" in Lesser Town Hall, Falkirk on Thurs 28th March at 7.30 organised by Lay Apostolate Council. Topics a0 Community Councils, b] Re-organisation of Health Service, c0 School Management Boards.
28th April 1974 Today - rally in Glasgow Green in protest at Abortion Act
29th Sept 1974 From here on written notices in the 'Notice Books' virtually disappear with the regular production of a newsletter...........
20th April 1975 If any of those sitting Highers or O-Levels would like to attend Mass or Communion on the morning of their exams, please let Fr McCann know, and an earlier Mass will be said, if possible, to give you time to attend and still catch the school bus.
The last few records from the Notice Books petered out in August 1975. These books contained many references to Deaths and Marriages in the Parish - particularly the Banns of marriage which had to be 'called' three times. The books will now rest in the Archives of the Archdiocese of St Andrew's and Edinburgh within the city of Edinburgh. There will also be a CD containing copies of the Parish Newsletter from the year 2000 to May 2005. Should you wish to see them you will need to contact the archivist. Also in the archives is a copy of the Treasurers Book for the St Vincent de Paul Society from 16/02/1916 to 31/12/1934 which gives many fascinating insights to Parish life.
24 years later ......1999

we discover a collection of Parish bulletins from the era of Fr Daniel Boyd who was PP from Sunday 18th April 1999 to Sunday 27th August 2000

18th April 1999 Please look at the notice dealing with the forthcoming elections to the Scottish Parliament.                 Fr Boyd's first day.
25th April 1999 Justice and Peace - the second of two meetings about the forthcoming elections to the Scottish Parliament takes place this week.
16th May 1999 Fr Boyd is away at a conference of the Scottish National Tribunal - Eucharistic Services are arranged for the first time in the Parish during his absence.
30th May 1999 Sponsored walk - I hope a large number of both adults and children will take part in this annual event.
20th June 1999 Requiem Mass for Cardinal Hume in the Cathedral - Friday 12.45pm
11th July 1999 Anniversary Mass for the late Cardinal Gray in St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh - 19th July - 12.45pm
25th July 1999 I've given a lot of publicity to Carfin as a possible destination for a visit .. to get some of its peace and quiet.
1st August 1999 Portiuncula Indulgence. Twice a year a Plenary Indulgence is attached to a visit to the Parish Church; on the Feast of the Titular Saint (St Joseph); the second is on the 2nd August and is referred to as 'Portiuncula'.
29th August 1999 Sponsored walk raised over 300
31st Oct 1999 ...a good time to remind everyone that Church's law now allows a person to receive Holy Communion a second time on the same day as long as it is during a Mass (NOT a communion service).
14th Nov 1999 A strange occurrence - the large 'wheelie-bin' disappeared from outside the back door of the house - complete with rubbish ...
21st Nov 1999 Mass census - last week's census showed 98 at the vigil mass and 172 at the Sunday morning Mass - total 270 against a Parish population of 950 parishioners - no further comment necessary!
2000 - Millennium year.
2nd Jan 2000 .. our thanks to the Parish Council, the Pass-keepers, the Readers, the Organists, the Altar-servers, the women who do the church cleaning, the women who provide catering in the hall when necessary ... everyone who has done any kind of work .. over the past year.
9th Jan 2000 Church Unity service - we are the hosts - Sunday January 23rd.
2nd April 2000 Celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Church. The parish started in 1910 and the present church was opened in 1925.
2nd July 2000 Initial announcement of retirement of Fr Daniel Boyd in September
13th August 2000 This year the Pontifical Scots College in Rome celebrates its 400th anniversary of its foundation.
27th August 2000 Fr Daniel Boyd's retirement day and last day in St Joseph's.
... and that's it! No more notices ... copies of the parish newsletter from now until May 2005 are preserved on CD in the Archdiocesan Archives. I suppose this is the end of this wee project (unless someone, somewhere is hoarding copies of newsletters etc for the period 1975-1999.....)

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