Smokin' Bonnybridge - 1909!

High Bonnybridge - south of the Canal. This picture dramatically illustrates the industrial nature of Bonnybridge - especially High Bonnybridge - at the beginning of the 20th Century. Both brickworks and ironworks are adding to the atmospheric pollution!

The road leading to the right of the picture leads to the Pend tunnel under the canal.

Smith & Wellstood Fire Brigade - 1900

So dangerous was the Iron Foundry Process that Smith and Wellstood had their own fire brigade made up of volunteers from the workforce. The brigade also turned out if there was a fire elsewhere in the village.

Bonnybridge Forge

Young workers started at an early age.

The boy standing beside the machinery looks no older than 12 or 14.


Moulder Apprentices

This group of young men overseen by an older 'gaffer' are preparing a demonstration of their work in the village hall (that's why it looks so clean!)

The occasion was Smith and Wellstood's 100th anniversary celebration in 1958.

100 years celebration (1958)

This was such a great occasion than no less than the BBC arranged an 'outside broadcast' of the celebration concert.

Note the pianist's long, formal dress - for radio!

High Tea in the Marquee!

All S&W's workers and families were treated to a slap-up meal after the concert.

Notice the silver cake-stands on the tables (and everybody wearing their 'Sunday Best' clothes.)

Can you hear us at the back?

One of the work sheds was cleared out and decorated with flags for the concert and everybody crammed in.

Long dresses and fur stoles for the ladies - shirt, suit and ties for the gents!

Technology Rules!

Great concentration by BBC technicians to make sure the equipment does not melt down while the star of the show looks on (probably deafened by the piper at her side blawin' awa'...)

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