An Illustrated History and Geography of Bonnybridge

"See! I told you 'Bonny'

meant 'beautiful...!

An alien came tae Bonnybrig

In a braw wee warp-drive rocket.

He landit in a glaury park,

And then he went hame mawkit!

This is an ongoing project which will build up a picture of the REAL history and geography of Bonnybridge and its surroundings - hopefully of interest to residents and, perhaps, pupils looking for research material for a school topic (no little green men!). More information about High Bonnybridge and Greenhill can be found at the Greenhill Historical Society website -

Part 1 - From pre-history to the Romans.

Part 2 - From the Middle Ages to Post-Reformation

Part 3 - Agriculture and Industry

Part 4 - Bonnybridge Brickworks

Part 5 - Bonnybridge Iron Works

Part 6 - War Memorials (WW1 and WW2)

Part 7 - More old Bonnybridge Industry Photographs

Part 8 - Bonnybridge Then and Now


love Quidco Green


If you read anything in this which you know to be wrong please contact the webmaster and put him right!

(A note of thanks here to the Reverend James Waugh MA, HCF whose detailed history "The Vale of Bonny in History and Legend" - published 24th May, 1981 by Falkirk District Libraries and Museums - forms the basis of this 'little history'.)

Another short history of Bonnybridge is available here on the website of the Falkirk Local History Society.

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