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Several parishioners have shared treasured photographs with us to help us put together these photographic reminiscences. Our thanks go to BERNADETTE LOVE, JOHN SMITH, MIKE MCMAHON, MARY QUINN, STEFAN and ELIZABETH PIKULICKI, MARY BURROWES, NAN HANLON, CHRISSIE FOX, MARY FITZGERALD, PATRICIA SMITH, CHRIS WALTON, JACK HARRIS

NEW PAGE - 01/10/05 - FIRST COMMUNIONS, CONFIRMATIONS, WEDDINGS - see below within the 'Archive Pictures' section.

If there are any others with photographs they would like to share please contact the parish priest.

Who altered the Altar? (updated 11/12/05)

(Click the photograph to find out!)

There have been many changes to the main altar over the years...have a look!

Name that priest! Updated 15/10/2010

Who were the men who served the parish of St Joseph's over the years?

We do not have pictures of them all and are not sure of the dates they served.

What we know is here - if you can fill in the blanks and/or supply a photograph please contact the webmaster.

Click the silhouette to see our gallery.

Internal Workings!

How has the interior of the church changed over the years? - Click on the pic to see!

Outside Innings!

How has the exterior of the church changed over the years? - Click on the pic to see!

Archive Pictures Update - 15/10/05

These are photographs donated by parishioners which have not been put in any group yet. We need more information about some of them! CLICK ON THIS PHOTO TO SEE THEM.

NEW! Update 25/01/2008 - additional photo


First Communions, Confirmations, Weddings etc - click here.

Parish Groups CYMS update (1938) 04/05/05, football team - updated 14/09/05

Click these links to see the photos - FOOTBALL TEAMS , UNION OF CATHOLIC MOTHERS, CATHOLIC YOUNG MEN'S SOCIETY (CMS updated 25/01/2008)

Parish People UPDATED - 27/11/05.

Photographs of individuals from St Joseph's. Click on Dr Reilly's photo to see the others.

Stations of the Cross - Updated

St Joseph's boasts a set of original, hand-painted Stations of the Cross in finely carved oak frames. Click the picture to see the full set.

Clay, Wood, Light and Water

St Joseph's statues (clay!), our new lectern (wood!), windows (light!)  and our new baptismal font (water!). Click on the photograph to see more......

80th ANNIVERSARY of the Church Building CELEBRATIONS

Click on the photograph see see pictures of the Mass, Cheese and Wine, Barbecue etc.


100th ANNIVERSARY of the Parish formation CELEBRATIONS

Click on the photograph see see pictures of the service of Dedication of the Church by His Eminence Keith Patrick O'Brien.



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