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Bonny Bridge 1

Main Road Bridge over Bonny Water. Erected in 1796, widened in 1904.

Bonny Bridge 2

"The Ford" bridge over Bonny Water near the Memorial Park

Bonny Bridge 3

Footbridge behind Community Centre

Bonny Water

Below Memorial Park

Bonnybridge Cross

Facing today's shops and the original Toll House (now chemist) where people had to pay to use the road to High Bonnybridge or Dennyloanhead.

Church of Scotland

Bonnybridge St Helen's Church of Scotland - first opened 1897.

Brick Chimney

Old brickworks or gas works? - now radio/telephone mast

New Flats

Beside canal where Smith and Wellstood Iron Foundry used to stand.

Community Centre

Built over the old St Helen's graveyard.

Cornhill Bar

Shops on Main St

Electrical retailer, computer hardware/software/repairs

Gosepl Hall

Ebenezer Hall

Mount Bartholomew

Canal Bridge

New 'vertical lift' bridge to replace the old 'bascule' bridge when the Forth and Clyde Canal was reopened.

New Library

Opened 2005 - also on the site of the old graveyard.

The Radical Pend

Original (and only) way to pass the canal - view from south. The Pend caused lots of problems before the bridge was built. Some carts had to be partly unloaded to get under it!

Radical Pend Interior

It is still possible to pass through both on foot and by car

Radical Pend from the north

You can see the granite 'setts' on which the cart wheels ran through the stream.

Radical Pend Sign

The 'Radical Pend' was named to commemorate the Battle of Bonnymuir in 1820 (April 5th)

Radical Pend Sign

Adjusted to be more legible

Football park

The Royal Hotel

This is probably the third hotel building to stand as an hotel on this site. The Bonnybridge Central railway station was built right behind it.

Station Gardens

The site of the original station beside the Royal Hotel - now a public gardens

Old Works

Broomhill Rd - probably part of the old iron foundries.

Old Works offices

Beside canal bridge

Old works

Broomhill Rd - possibly part of the old paper mills that once stood here.

World War 2 Memorial Gate

Cast iron gate with clock and memorial plaques

WW2 Memorial Plaque

WW2 Memorial Plaque

World War 1 Memorial

WW1 Memorial

With wreaths laid on Remembrance Day, November 2005

World War 1 Plaque

WW1 Names - first set

WW1 names - second set

WW1 names - third set

"We will remember them!"

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