Marriages in St Joseph’s, Bonnybridge, 1910-1919

The names of the witnesses are given in brackets                                                 

1 July 1910: William Gilmour and Catherine Riordan or Doyle

(Christopher Shaw and Helen Shaw)

15 July 1910: Charles Logan and Mary Cruse

(Conrad Cruse and Susan Cassidy)

14 Sept 1910: Peter Garry and Catherine Byrne

(John Sullivan and Sarah Brereton)

3 Oct. 1910: Antonio Dinallo and Aemilia Gargano

(Giuseppe Dinallo and Jessie Vescchi)

24 Feb. 1911: Michael Connolly and Sarah Gibbons

(Michael Walker and Catherine Connolly)

28 April 1911: Patrick Moran and Sarah McGrellis

(Barthe O’Rourke and Mary Kain)

29 Dec.1911: John Moffat and Mary Meechan

(Michael Kelly and Annie Mathers)

29 Dec. 1911: Francis Kelly and Helen Shaw

(Thomas Fulton and Grace Henrie)

2 Jan. 1912: Peter McMullen and Selina Fairlie

(Joseph McMullen and Mary McNeill)

19 April 1912: James Conroy and Martha Grant

(Pat Conroy and Bridget Grant)

9 July 1912: John Conroy and Catherine Ann Fitzpatrick

(John Teachan and Julia Culleton)

12 July 1912: John McCafferty and Susanna Ferguson

(Joseph Ferguson and Mary Bradley)

29 Nov. 1912: Peter Keane and Margaret Reilly

(Mr and Mrs William Moffat and Annie Fairly)

27 June 1913: Joseph Boyle and Matilda Allan

(James Clark and Margaret McGlade)

16 July 1913: James Fullard and Teresa Lynch

(William Henry Wood and Helen Howden)

18 July 1913: William Tait and Mary Gribben

(Edward Kiernan and Margaret McEvoy)

12 Sept. 1913: John Cruse and Isabella Liddle

(Conrad Cruse and Elizabeth McDonald)

5 Dec. 1913: John McDonald and Jessie Cruse

(James Fitzsimmons and Elizabeth Quinn)

31 Dec. 1913: William Hickey and Elizabeth Mackie

(James Gordon and Annie Mackie)

5 Feb 1914: John Gibson and Ann Sludden

(James Gibson and Elizabeth Sludden)

24 April 1914: Joseph Conroy and Mary Bradley

(Patrick Conroy and Elizabeth Bradley)

13 May 1914: James Rochford and Annie Dempsey

(William Broughal and Mary Morgan)

29 May 1914: Patrick Dewham and Amanda Fyvie

(Joseph Shaw and Annie Woods)

20 July 1914: Peter Dunne and Margaret McEvoy

(Edward Kiernan and Elizabeth Dunne)

25 Aug. 1914: James Croll and Kathleen McLaren

(John Dornan and Jessie Cameron)

2 Oct. 1914: Joseph Hernan and Alice Meechan

(Patrick Connell and Margaret Weir)

4 Dec. 1914: Patrick Maloney and Elizabeth Garvey

(Daniel Tiguin?  and Elizabeth Sludden)

3 Feb 1915: Martin Kelly and Mary Coyne

(Michael McGuire and Bridget Cullen)

15 Feb. 1915: Thomas Flynn and Isabella Dempsey

(John McGuire and Mary Morgan)

30 April 1915: John Keating and Margaret Woods

(William Condron and Annie Woods)

7 may 1915: John Pierce and Bridget McKay (nee McBride)

(Michael McGuire and Annie Docherty)

24 Aug. 1915: William O’Neill and Helen Keating

(Thomas Fenlon and Mary Bennett)

8 Oct. 1915: Joseph Gaffney and Elizabeth Little

(William McEvoy and Mary Weir)

31 Dec. 1915: Malcolm Ross McKenzie and Margaret Ryan

(Edward Kerr and Mary Jane Ryan)

31 Dec. 1915: Thomas Corcoran and Mary McKeever

(Peter Corcoran and Rebecca Woods)

31 Dec. 1915: Peter Cosgrove and Catherine McNamara

(John Cullen and Catherine Morgan)

31 Dec. 1915: Joseph Traynor and Catherine Hussey

(Bernard Morgan and Bridget Cullen)

21 Jan. 1916: John Whyte and Margaret Ryan

(Richard Dalton and Mary Ryan)

21 March 1916: Thomas Cole and Helen Coleman

(Terence Cole and Margaret Cole)

25 May 1916: Thomas McCormack and Helen McGucken

(Con McGroarty and Mary McMenemy)

14 July 1916: John McDonald and Elizabeth Byrne

(William McEvoy and Ellen Hussey)

15 Sept. 1916: James McGrellis and Mary Welsh

(Joseph McGrellis and Lily Welsh)

20 Oct. 1916: Michael McMahon and Catherine Byrne

(Joseph Cullen and Mary Byrne)

21 Oct. 1916: Thomas Sherlock and Catherine Curley

(Thomas McQuillan and Maria Curley)

12 Dec. 1916: Patrick Smyth and Elizabeth Garvey or Maloney

(Bernard Shanley and Elizabeth Bradley)

26 Jan 1917: Conrad Cruse and Elizabeth McDonald

(Andrew Cruse and Marie Ruddy)

6 Feb 1917: Charles Quinn and Margaret Bennett

(Patrick Mourne and Sarah Mourne)

25 May 1917: Robert Whyte and Mary Morgan

(Hector Davidson and Catherine Morgan)

1 June 1917: James Redmond and Margaret Burns

(Catherine Burns and Patrick Redmond)

18 Aug. 1917: James L. Lamb and Mary Findlay

(William Lamb and Margaret Findlay)

31 Dec. 1917: Denis McGrellis and Sarah Hutchison

(Francis McGrellis and Barbara Hutchsion)

31 Dec. 1917: George Fyvie and Catherine Killiard

(Thomas Kelly and Elizabeth Killiard)

11 Feb. 1918: Joseph Molloy and Helen Hussey

(William McMenemy and Mary McMenemy)

30 Aug. 1918: George Egan and Bridget Blanchfield or Waldron

(William O’Neill and Catherine Connolly)

20 Sept. 1918: Andrew Cruse and Susan Cassidy

(Con McGroarty and Bridget Cassidy)

3 Jan. 1919: Richard Fox and Helen Barrow

(Christopher Donoghue and Margaret F. Day)

10 Jan. 1919: Patrick Byrne and Margaret Brown

(Joseph Molloy and Helen Molloy)

26 Feb. 1919: Bertram Whetstone and Mary Ann Bennett or Kane

(William Tait and Margaret Quinn)

28 Feb. 1919: Patrick Nally and Agnes Duncan

(John McDermot and Elizabeth Quinn)

25 April 1919: John Lynn and Mary McMullen

(Edward Kiernan and Annie Fairly)

25 April 1919: William McEvoy and Elizabeth Bradley

(James Cullen and Annie Bradley)

9 June 1919: John James Rock and Sarah Byrne

(William Kenny and Annie Byrne)

16 July 1919: Patrick Monaghan and Jane Ross

(Charles Monaghan and Margaret Monaghan)

18 July 1919: Samuel Cruse and Bridget Kane

(John Kane and Mary Ann Kane)

26 Sept. 1919: Terence Cole and Margaret Coleman  

(Thomas Cole and Bridget Cassidy)

3 Oct. 1919: John Buchanan and Bridget Traynor

(John Connolly and Bridget Connolly)

1 Nov. 1919: John Campbell and Jemima Beattie

(Mrs Reynolds and Mary Beattie)

(it was noted that this convalidation was done when Jemima was in danger of death)

23 Nov. 1919: James Quinn and Mary Cassidy

(Joseph Cassidy and Sarah Cassidy)

31 Dec. 1919: James Fitzsimmons and Mary Ann Kain

(Joseph Ferguson and Catherine Mackie)

31 Dec. 1919: Michael Gorry and Caroline Taylor

(John Armstrong and Catherine Harris)

31 Dec. 1919: James Coleman and Elizabeth Taylor

(Thomas Reilly and Mary Thorpe)

31 Dec. 1919: Robert Higgins and Rebecca Woods

(William Higgins and Catherine Burns)

31 Dec. 1919: Donald Campbell and Annie Bradley

(James Mulholland and Mary Ferguson)