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Three fifths of the Starr family to the left!    Right;  West Kirby from 'Red Rocks'. 

Left left; sand patterns Red Rocks.  Left; sand patterns.   Right left; Thomas Brassey's first bridge.  Right centre and left; Saughall Massie farmstead with modern date stone.  Cut marks from construction are still visible.

Above; flowers in the garden.

Below; Hoylake beach, with sunshine!!!

Below taken on 170707 at West Kirby on the Wirral Peninsula (i.e. home)

Left; happy in a canoe.  Centre; who'd make you stand up in a canoe?  Right left; heading off towards the sunset.  Right right; oil canvas of cloud on water?

Left left; really off into the sunset this time.  Left right; a river to Hilbre? Right;  rollerblading.

Left; sails in the sunset!   Right; just mooning around 270707.

  Left two; taken at Tan-y-bwlch station on the Festiniog Railway - the value of sitting still with camera ready - the local chaffinches are quite tame! Right; David Lloyd George approaches his train across the cob.

2nd August, a walk out to Hilbre Island: Far left; Hilbre from the south west during a very low low tide.  Centre four; H&C play in the sands - very soft and squidgy!  The children loved it!  Right; a view of the top left hand tip of the Wirral from Little Eye.

Above; Seal island - an sandbank off Hilbre which is unreachable on foot from either England or Wales.  This means that they are relatively safe there.

These were taken 13th August 2007 around Birkenhead docks.  Being in 'grayscale' (sic) somehow gives them more!  Left; remaining railway lines leading to a rusty buffer stop.  Centre left;  what I believe is the 'hut' from which the lock gates and sluices were operated.  Both right; show the Sarsia and U534.  The Sarsia was launches in 1953 and was a fisheries research vessel until 1979.  After that the story is a bit vague and allegedly, she sank at he moorings in B'head docks, where she has remained.  The U534 is possibly unique in being the only Uboat never to have sunk anything!  It's story can be read here along with pictures of her afloat in the 1940's - she was a big Type IXC/40 U-boat launched in February 1942.  More pictures of the B'head docks trip can be seen by clicking here.


All the pictures below were taken in Scotland in the last two weeks of August.  Left; Kirkcudbright alleyway and silhouette of castle. Centre left; Culzean Castle.  Right three; Sweetheart Abbey.

Left three; moods of Ailsa Craig.  Centre; ferry approaching Stranraer.  Centre right; detail of mill wheel Gatehouse of Fleet.  Right; Twisted branches at Broughton House Kirkcudbright.  Extreme right; Pots at Threave house.  Lower: Pear Cave at Culzean

Below; a selection of Scottish wildlife

Pictures below were taken over half term October.

Left;  Chirk Castle.  Centre; Adit in Aberglaslyn Pass.  Right; Snowdon range from Llyn Mymbr.


All apart from the Gigabash picture were taken on Fujifilm S5700.