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(added 20 May)



A very well produced, well presented and enjoyable quiz by Andrea and Ali (of the Smart Italics) brought the



2016–17 season to an official close this week.  The winners were renowned handicap bandits HMRUFC.  It’s a pity



that fewer than half the teams in the league attended and those that did were largely ‘the usual suspects’.  It would



be interesting and/or enlightening to hear reasons from the absent teams for their continued non-attendance.



One of the main aims of the night is to raise money for charities, so it would be good to get a few more bums on









The 2017–2018 season will begin in mid-September with the AGM and Registration meeting, followed by the first



games in early October.  The traditional pre-season friendly against a team from the Withington Quiz League will



take place in mid/late September.  As a ‘reward’ for their league performance this season the following teams are



invited (i.e. it’s not compulsory) to provide two members of the Stockport squad that will attempt to recover the



WIST trophy: Alexandra, Smart Italics, Tiviot, Printers, Star and HMCC.  We’ll also need a volunteer to set our half



of the questions; please form an orderly queue.






Please also start thinking about items for the AGM agenda.  One concern is the rather high number of byes in the



B Division, as a result of there being different numbers of teams in the two league divisions.  Assuming we get no



new teams for 2017–18 we’ll need to re-think the format of one or both divisions.  Early suggestions include:



  • playing opponents three times (rather than two) and scrapping the qualifying phase of the knockout



  • moving to just one league division



Please submit your thoughts/suggestions by email.  It would also help in planning for next season if teams were to



confirm their participation as soon as possible, rather than leaving it until September.






There may be occasional updates to this website between now and August and if there’s any significant news



teams will also be notified by email.  Enjoy the summer.






Season summary and statistics



(added 19 May)



A summary of who-won-what and the best/worst performances of the season just finished can be found here.



A comparison of the performances of all (extant) teams since records began (2000–01) is here.






Questions from 4 May



(added 19 May)



Questions used in the final round of league matches played on Thursday 4 May are here.






Get your thinking caps on



(added 3 May)



As the consensus seems to be that the current one is a bit ‘meh’ we are looking for a new name for the



A-Trophy for next season.  Please send suggestions to the usual email address and ‘thank you’ to those that have



already done so.