Updated Friday 16 March 2018


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(updated 16 March)


Scores from league matches played on Thursday 15 March are here.




Re-scheduling of Postponed Matches


(updated 13 March)


We have a number of postponed/abandoned matches that need to be re-arranged.




The match between James Watts and Tiviot that was abandoned part-way through on 12 October (music


stopped play!) will be replayed on knockout semi-finals night (29 March).  The match will use the same questions


as the KO matches and, as a strict 'one-off' for a league game, will also use the pick-a-number format to avoid


any possible imbalance/unfairness that might arise if the questions were to be used in numerical order.




Games cancelled due to snow on 1 March (Travellers v Printers; Tame Valley v Tiviot; Hatters v Sun & Castle)


should be replayed on a date to be agreed by the two teams involved, which will probably involve playing on a


night other than a Thursday.  These matches must be completed by Friday 20 April.  Any matches not


completed by this date will be considered to be a draw.  Will teams please inform the committee (by email) as


soon as a new date has been arranged.  If the home team no longer has the original question paper a new one


will be provided.




Question Numbering


(updated 1 March)


A recent quiz saw a bit of a mix up related to question numbering.  For reasons best known to him/herself the


QM began the quiz somewhere in the middle of the paper, with questions numbered 1 to 10.  On reaching what


was expected to be Question 11 it became evident that the previous ten questions should have been the second


written round.  To avoid any future repetition of this sort of issue (however unlikely!) will all question setters


please make sure that questions are sequentially numbered throughout the paper, i.e. first verbally-answered


round = 1-30; first written round = 31-40; second verbal round = 41-70; second written round = 71-80.