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Earthquake News

British Isles

British Isles experience 14 earthquakes so far during 2018.


Earthquakes over magnitude 3.0 that have hit the headlines around the world in the last month. (Please note that because of the proven effects of "fracking" some of the earthquakes reported across the lower 48 states of the USA may be from human rather than tectonic origin).

All magnitudes expressed use the Richter Scale unless otherwise stated. All events are dated by local time.

USA: Lower 48 struck by 15 earthquakes this week.

For a list of all recorded earthquakes, visit the United States Geological Survey website:Earthquakes

Volcano News

Activity increases on Cerro Prieto, Mexico, Sabancayon, Peru and Sakuajima, Japan.

Volcanos Active in the Twelve Months

Fossil News

Mining News

After 20 years of reporting regular mine disasters in the Chinese coalmining industry, incidents in 2017 appear to have dropped to an all time low while coalming deaths almost double in the United States.

Other News

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