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It is well known that Meat Loaf had a huge international hit record in 1978 teaming up with songwriter Jim Steinman to produce the famous "Bat Out Of Hell" album. However it is less well known that he had previously, in the early seventies, recorded a number of songs for a subsidiary of the Motown label in Detroit together with a singer and actress going by the name of Stoney. An album of primarily duet recordings was released and the first of two singles from the album, "What You See Is What You Get", marked Meat Loaf's debut on the US Billboard Charts. His singing partner would herself go on to have a successful career in the music business being better known today as Shaun Murphy. She was a vocalist in the band Little Feat from 1994 to when she left them in February 2009.

There are many excellent general sites devoted to Meat Loaf so rather than replicate material on them I have attempted to do something different and provide a resource and educational site which takes an in depth look at this early stage of Meat's career.

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